Macron says French police to remain in riot-hit New Caledonia | BBC News

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Macron says French police to remain in riot-hit New Caledonia | BBC News

President Emmanuel Macron has vowed that French police forces will remain for “as long as necessary” in New Caledonia, as he arrived in the riot-plagued French Pacific territory.

Mr Macron said the 3,000-strong force deployed from France would stay put – even during the Paris Summer Olympics if required.

Six people, including two police…



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  1. フランスって..アメリカ🇺🇸の近くにも小さい島持っているんだって?
    それに比べて香港を手放した イギリス🇬🇧って?どうなの????

  2. В россии все круто )) Бензина МНого , дешевый, по 0,5 $ за литр )) Зарплаты растут , Продукты дешевые ))) ВВП положительный очень положительный )) ПОкупаем дорогие машины , квартиры. КОроче кайфуем .!!!! СПАсибо за санкции !!!! )))
    Everything is cool in Russia)) There is a lot of gasoline, cheap, at $ 0.5 per liter)) Salaries are rising, Products are cheap))) GDP is positive very positive)) We buy expensive cars and apartments. In short, we're getting high.!!!! Thanks for the sanctions!!!!)))

  3. This isn't AS bad as the first messed up coverage BBC did on this, but wow does this still scream colonialism. The f*** has their nickel to do with any part of this? Would it be completely wild to like… let a native explain their options and experience? Or is there a point of having no representation and just let the Europeans speak on the issue?

  4. I didnt know there was a place called New Caledonia in France? O wait, its the other side of the planet. If France are so tough why dont they send there troops to a conflict in Eastern Europe? Go on France we all dare you to send 30,000 (if they can muster than many) to the Ukrainian front line……