Lynn Ngugi: This is why I left TUKO | #HeyAmina

Lynn Ngugi: This is why I left TUKO | #HeyAmina

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  1. A great women i love Lynn as a content greator i like the way she handle the interview she handle in a humble way.May God 🙏 open more doors for you and be blessed.

  2. Lynn is my favourite ❤️b blessed

  3. Lynn ngugi a natural lady very humble and God fearing, I wish every utuber could be like her,, go go go Mamy the sky is the limit

  4. Love you so much lynn..❤

  5. I love this lady, Lynn Ngugi. God bless her with long life and prosperity

  6. Her humility and kindness comes through.

  7. Lynny happy to see,I thank u for what u did to me,God bless u .

  8. Lynn is such a darling I love her so much

  9. I just love you Lyn. You are an amazing soul to many

  10. Woow mashalaa we miss you lyn at tuko coke

  11. You are the best Lynn,, we love you

  12. #1 Ugandan fan here, got lost from tuko and I've only discovered the new channel today 🔥🔥🔥

  13. I'm happy for that story for that mother how her husband have nine wife she help her and vote to get a land Almighty father be with you forever

  14. I started watching Lynn on Tuko all the way from U.S by sheer luck when it landed on my YouTube list and I’ve been stuck ever since. She’s a great listener and host. She has my full respect ,best wishes and support. She’s the best. From a non- Kenyan fan.

  15. Lynn is a girl full of respect regardless which category one presides. Very humble to all .She's well nurtured and down to earth. She cries with those crying, she laugh with those laughing. She fits every situation. May God continue blessing you girl

  16. Lynn you're my favorite journalist l love you for free ,and l will never get tired watching you 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  17. I love Lynn🙏♥️she humble herself, she is natural and beautiful, May God protect u and walk with you always.

  18. Lyn I love 💕,
    You are a good litsener, I love everything about you.
    My GOD always protect you

  19. I like Lynn. A part from all her charitable and compassionate lovely works, she is so descent from clothing to manners. Thumbs up dear Lynn. Abbracccio e tanto amore kutoka Italy

  20. I never miss your show Lynn keep up the good work 🇧🇼🇧🇼💞

  21. A biggest fan right herel in,🇿🇦

  22. How I wish to meet Lynn one day ..

  23. Lynn the heart beat of Kenya we love you❤

  24. Hi Lynn,😘😘😘cheers from Ghana 🇬🇭 👍

  25. Love you Lynn…you stand with us ladies….

  26. Lynn will eventually replace Amina

  27. Lynn is such an incredible woman. I like her contents, very inspirational and professional creative ideas. Thanks for interviewing her.

  28. Amina initially tried her kimbelembele of fake accent ya kuongea na mapua and exposing her thighs before being humbled be Lynn Ngugi composure and dress code.

  29. The best show was Kamotho and his children and wives.

  30. Congratulations Lynn you're indeed a beautiful soul may the Lord continue to expand your territories .Lady Amina thank you for the beautiful interview you're cute too

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