LUXURY TRAVEL IN UGANDA (everything you need to know)! | Q&A with @Rachael Nalumu

LUXURY TRAVEL IN UGANDA (everything you need to know)! | Q&A with @Rachael Nalumu

Watch till the end for bloopers 😅 | Timestamps below (tap “SHOW MORE” below)


  1. Loved filming with you !! ☺️
    Edit: I forgot to mention that amenities make a place luxury as well! Pools and extras as such ☺️. For me anyway hahah

  2. @khukyendabyFayKakai what are the nationalities of you both?

  3. Uganda had very bad political publicity that has affected our tourism brand internationally. The bad systems and corruption are stinking. I remember I was in Dubai and hanged out with some British friends and as I was trying to market Uganda to them, they said…girrrlll…we love to be alive. We been to Kenya and Rwanda, Uganda doesn't feel safe . I was Astonished like how? Am here and safe. We definitely need to work on that big time 🤔

  4. This collabo is too BOMB 😍. Can't wait to travel luxury now

  5. wow this beeautiful:) Indeed Uganda is very beautiful and worth seeing:) What a lovely channel you have here:)

  6. I love your personality Rachael and thanks so much for the great content. Here to stay and im glad that i found your channel

  7. Oh I totally agree about how decor brings a place alive or enhances the vibes we get from a place. And thank you, I didn’t know about the diamond rating!

  8. I am surprised about that while discussing "luxury" the wild places lodges have not come up. In particular as they have been one of the most exclusive hotel providers in the country for years, have perfect locations within the respective national park and the service I have ever experienced in Uganda. Compared to that Nile Safari Lodge does not hold, in particular as Murchison NP has become way to crowded and lost a lot of it's charm due to the road and the bridge. – But besides that over the recent years, there have quite decent semi-exclusive midrange lodges like turaco treetops or the one at Mwamba Wetlands (forgot the name) been opened and it seemed that – pre-COVID – the sector was developing.

  9. I'm here because of Rachel she's my gurl 💕

  10. I think Rachel is a good person

  11. This was really nice to watch! I've been to Kabale once (for just one day) but I definitely have to go back.

  12. For someone who claims to have gone on so many Ugandan safaris, how can your guest state that Paraa and Chobe Safari Lodges are in Queen Elizabeth national park? They're both in Murchison falls national park! If you want to give your viewers accurate information please interview somebody from a serious tour company who knows the geography of Uganda.

  13. The most helpful tips, thank you so much 🔥👌🏾

  14. Great vibes in this video. I learned about the diamond rating.

  15. That tip about checking the travellers photos is excellent! Thanks ladies

  16. Awesome content always. Tell Nalumu that i liked her Kigorogo safari lodge vlog.
    Edit: Actually meant Kigambira logde. Yes: IMO Serena is a Uganda luxury.

  17. What places are on YOUR Uganda bucket list? Let us know in the comments below.
    👇Binge watch other videos (from the beginning) here:

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