LSK and Kalonzo Musyoka protest in support of the Judiciary

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LSK and Kalonzo Musyoka protest in support of the Judiciary

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  1. Demonstrations have been conducted by all Kenyans in all levels. This means that Kenyans are fed up with Rutos administration, so we expect much more from the law society of Kenya. The society needs to proceed to the next step to end the administration otherwise it would be another waste of time.

  2. Kalonzo Musyoka should stop being an activist. He intends to become president and therefore should stay away from protestors. Let him look presidential.

  3. Listening to the softness of the CJ koome today on tv .. i can say these people are just joking with whatever they are calling peaceful mandamano. Infact Ruto is the father the motherland and the constitution itself.. Idi Amin Dada was better but with Ruto winking at the hustlers on the other eye and doing the opposite at the other eye.. what can save this country from all these is just a simple revolution by a population who have opened their eye , which Ruto is really struggling to close

  4. And just like that, Eric Theuri amemwaga unga ya Kivutha Kibwana. The old Mzee had really tried to hide from the camera since he has of late been an ally to state house and never wanted it to be known that he participated in these protests. But it's not a surprise, mkamba ni mkamba tu.

  5. It's very unfortunate for any country to have a president who disobeys Court orders and more especially the constitution, Ruto should be informed that Kenya is not a banana state unless he is the banana himself