Living in GABON – It’s damn hot (Contract Pilot Life)

Living in GABON – It’s damn hot (Contract Pilot Life)

Gabon 101
Contract Pilot Life
February 2017

Oh La La by dyalla…


  1. This was actually nice, I needed to know a little bit about the country.

  2. Curious – i'm an American and also a pilot, typically fly for a hobby mostly but I have quite a few hours, quite a bit of instrument flying experience, all that. I'm 50 years-old now and started flying at 19. I'm starting to travel in Africa, was curious about the flying jobs there are on the continent, perhaps maybe even part-time or volunteer – how easy or hard are flying jobs to come by for foreigners in Africa? I'm very curious, would be nice to combine African travel with flying.

  3. Glad to know that u enjoyed your time in my country 😊 it’s really really hot as you said 😂

  4. I have job offer in gabon , may i ask you is it good country?

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