Liberian Sour Milk | African Food |

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Liberian Sour Milk | African Food |

Hey guys, enjoy this quick and easy summer, and party friendly recipe. It’s good for games, cookout, parties, and good fun activity with the kids and adults too.

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1. plain or vanilla yogurt
2. whole milk
3. sandwich…



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  1. Okk! I got caught up and forgot to come back and give my sus an update on the sour milk and coolaid I made🥳I wish I could post some pics on how beautiful the colors were but sus, if I tell u I'm thee coolest mom on my block!😎My kids, their friends, their parents,, and my neighbors love love these beautiful summer "icesicles". They come ringing my bell every day, all day asking for some(with the sun being really hot, I can see why). Keep the vids coming. You my favorite Liberian blogger..I've learned so much from u💕

  2. I will not lie to you humm with all my single man behavior you teach me how to cook thank you I will add this to my little enjoyment all the cooking or making video are very explanatory