Liberia – America's Stepchild pt. 1 of 6

Liberia – America's Stepchild pt. 1 of 6

The history of Liberia from its beginnings in 1820 to the election of Charles Taylor. This is…


  1. Sidenote: I was NEVER taught this in that I'm in college, I wonder if it will be discussed?

  2. This is one of the best docs I've seen. It has hold on me for years now!

  3. Obey for God is warning us worldwide. Evil demons will never obey, but a hard head makes for a soft behind. Please care for all people. Hands are for helping and not hurting. There is not a reason for homeless or hungers. Put people in studio apartments, train them online, and give $30,000.00, and $2,000.00 per month to train to work online. Take care of your own citizens first!! GREED will destroy this world.


  4. I wonder why we don't talk about this at our universaties

  5. My Dear there was three where waves of Migration from Europe,America and Nova Scotia
    To Freetown and yes some died but they still survived
    There is a History there
    Dont sound Ignorant or Lied about it.

  6. just look what the black nations or going through
    believe me it pains my heart… murder.sickness.child abuse an all that was teached to them by the first white people who settled in there country..

  7. it's coming your way..every child man an innocent woman bloods is on y'all an your child shoulder…y'all or wicked an don't care about colored people you do everything just for the use of media

  8. America y'all think it's peace an safety
    after you slave the mind of the black man an woman
    make them turn against their own people…..

  9. is this sex????!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?etwdfiuojhsluvb tiujlfnkhf ebhjwr

  10. one day black people in America will realize that we sold ourselves into chattel slavery. we want so badly to blame someone else but, until we take responsibility for our destinies we'll always be a group mostly made up of 2nd class citizens looking for equity & equality from some outside source.

  11. Haahah, funny how we are labeled as America's stepchild

  12. Read between the Kola Forest and the Salty Sea. To understand Liberia you have to know tube history before 1800. The freed blacks entering the Windward Peppercoast entered it the same way they left it. Nothing really changed. Dominate or be dominated.

  13. Respect to Nancee Bright. It's not problem for “me” to post doc , your welcome (I have many more). However all this copyright infringement BS is a problem. I think we (all who post videos) are doing what the internet was made for, SHARING INFORMATION. These billion dollar companies should look at the positive side of thing, we are promoting these videos for free. They already made millions and billions. My thoughts on this doc is God gave us all free will anything or one that interferes with that is wrong, especially when it's your will to live.

  14. Oh yeah.. what about the Indians?

  15. This doesn’t smell of slaves who wanted to colonize and force their religion on people and also enslave after just being enslaved. Sorry but I can’t trust this info.

  16. Most people completely underestimate, how difficult and costly it is, to establish a stable nation state from a colonial beginning. The rule is they will largely fail, the exception they will succeed. USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand are exceptional.

  17. How can the countries affected by the transatlantic slavery accept the Christian religion? They slaved you and used their religion to justify it and you accept. Sad.

  18. Our land and our nationality has been hijaked by the colonizers

  19. That definition is from 1828 Noel Webster dictionary as well as the 1540 edition.

  20. American n. Originally applied to the aboriginal or copper colored races found in here by the Europeans. Now applied to the descendants of the Europeans born in America.

  21. This story is bullshit. These pale face fuckers are teaching slavery in reverse. That American blacks are not african. We are the Americans. And Liberia was a colony set up for Americans caught by the colonizer. We are not from Africa.

  22. The American black who settle in LIBERIA got it like that today.

    Liberia should had delay independence for another 100 years

  23. These people knew they where Israelites 2:11 that's why THEY READ BIBLE📖 THAT OBEYING THE COMMANDMENTS & RETURNING TO THE OF MILK & HONEY 😇 They Read bible verse Deuteronomy chapter 11 💥 ….it's time to Wake up and repent and turn back to serving our God The Most High 👉 the God of Abraham ,Issac and Jacob

  24. May God have mercy on the soul of president Samuel Doe in Jesus Name. Amen. May his soul and the souls of all who died on that fateful day rest in the peace of Christ. Amen.
    May God teach the Americans some lessions.

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