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  1. Whoever wrote this should mind their business, chioma is not your wife

  2. Continue in your philanthropy, its always good to give back. But remember, not everybody needs charity.

  3. The Eboyin airport is the direct show of 'locality', money-miss-road mentality of the governor. You commission an infrastructure but wont allow the experts do their job. The multi colors, inferior tiling, silly waterworks and all smacks of impoverishment.

  4. Chioma has every right to depend on Davido. In marriage, the two shall become one. Oneness in everything property, finances…
    Chioma getting busy or depending on Davido is a decision based on the two of them.
    Before Ifeanyi's death, Davido and Chioma were already planning their marriage. Fast-forwarding the marriage was just a healing process.
    My brother Davido did not rush into marriage. She was with Chioma before she impregnated the baby mamas. Now the baby mamas are not ready to move on , then why do you expect the original wife to quit.

  5. The man ended up making a profit of 30k. +30k – 20k + 20k = 30k

  6. 50k profit. he invested 70k and have 120 at the end. 120-70 = 50

  7. I don't agree with that the person who wrote that is jealous of Chioma and has praying she comes in contact with David has even been doing everything possible to get David all this advice you are giving to Chioma give it to yourself am sure you don't have a husband leave Chioma to enjoy what God had given to her you want to compare Chioma with Tacha they are not in the same category go to China and import what ever you want to sell leave Chioma alone

  8. Regarding your question..his gain is 50k total capital so far for purchases twice is 70k and gains total 50k

  9. This woman referred to as Blessing CEO is becoming a disgusting busy body. Chioma and David are newly married couple. They gotta plan what to do and how to get it done.
    Blessing CEO claim to know everything about everything but doesn't know about herself, what a pity. This woman has been in a mess and cannot advice herself. She should get off Chioma's back a stop coming out to talk carelessly about Chioma's matter, not her of all people. Aah aah na wetin nah?.

  10. The profit the man made is 50k. The amount that he bought the goat each time doesn't matter
    but what matters is the profit after each transactions.

  11. People on social media and busy body sha…you are not even sure what's going on with them, you sit down dey write open letter. Have your ancestors not forsaken you like this?

  12. 2017 that's when we saw Davido and chioma together chioma was the student in Bangkok University so give who give chioma restaurant in Europe

  13. Before chioma meet Davido she has a restaurant in Europe Liars you people the ones causing problem in this she chioma and Davido relationship

  14. Nigerians are something else! Davido engaged Chioma over 2 years ago. He finally marries her regardless of the circumstances and the news is that he married her to compensate her for the loss of their son. You guys should fear God abeg. They are married! All of you keep your mouths fem!

  15. See the mentality about marriage 😂😂😂😂😂, My goodness! You desperate so tey you go msrry abuser. Good luck

  16. Its annoying how abused or long suffering black women who decide to endure "strong women".

  17. Am a mother and over 50yrs
    So most women ask must necessarily build their home and children while still young when the home front is solid then can grow wings and build empires
    If you follow crowd and moments something go suffer
    Many homes are challenged even breaking bec all are looking for money
    Chioma is coming she is Igbo girl don’t forget that
    She is still very young and considering all she has passed and eyes on her…… she will shock all with time no rush….. allow things work out
    This is my opinion

  18. Will choima come out and tell u people that she is not happy even if she is diying she will never come out to say anything because u people have label her as the most quite person

  19. Anything that your righthand do your left hand will know

  20. And who says chioma is not working. You guys should mind your business.

  21. People say toxic but will die to be a wife or baby mama to Davido iaugh

  22. Nothing is wrong with Lagos state bringing in electric buses, is a welcome development. The only thing is changing it and I hope they have plans for that already

  23. He made 0 profit. He just kept himself busy for nothing

  24. I will not subscribe to you. You are so negative. Just foolish.

  25. Yes I agree that comment oo

  26. Reaction of second recipient is what I expect from anyone who has been blessed with such amount. 👏🏽👏🏽

  27. Electric Bus with no regular power/lights na wah ooo.😅😅😅😅😂

  28. You guys should leave this girl alone before she got married to Davido she had made her money n she has restaurants in Europe if i am mistaken up to five countries the person advicing what is your own business remember chioma red economic

  29. I agree with what that guy with the open letter said 👏

  30. God reward you greatly as you continue to help those in need.

  31. Question of the day, the man profit is 50k. 120-70.

  32. If Chioma is happy, she should ride on. We are outside, we do not know the truth. They both seem to understand each other. They are young and have time to make mistakes and corrections. Nothing is guaranteed in life. Being alive is the most important. Let's keep living and let others live ✌️

  33. electric buses no electricity in house 🤣 , people can be wicked spoiled her face thank Almighty she has a strong heart .

  34. Pls mind your business regarding David and Chioma. Leave them alone haba. What makes u fools think she’s jobless. Face Nigerians problems leave this couples alone. Mr Vloger or whatever it is u do, use ur page to effect positive change in Nigeria rather than promoting unfounded propaganda encouraged by hopeless idiots who can’t pick on Buhari, Tinubu and there fraudulent cohorts. Leave struggling citizens alone and get out of your hell holes and face the government who is constantly robbing u blind. Rejects. A country without electricity buying electric bus what a load of crap. Spend the money to update the state hospitals . Somebody don hit jackpot with the allocation of that contract ITT/ IR them

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