Check out the map of Lesotho here:

Lesotho Illustrative Artwork – Home Decor Poster

Lesotho is a country inside of a country. It is an enclave and the largest in the world at that. How did the country of Lesotho come to be? Why is Maseru it’s capital and why is it not a part of South Africa?




  1. Can’t resist the urge to “correct” the history, but it’s cool… it always depends on who you ask I guess… the dutch and the British suffered defeats in all the wars they had against Moshoeshoe… just a side note.

  2. interesting research i'm impressed. But the images and videos are very historic, Lesotho has two sections High Lands and Low Lands. The images you provided are old, they only portray rural life. I'm a Mosotho born and raised who is doing PhD in China, perhaps i could assist with Tourist Attraction places, Demographics & Economic Information. Otherwise you did a good job, congratulations.

  3. Rock Hudson was the first american to go public with HIV Aids.

    I think the awful conditions of living in the Gold mines, living together and homosexuality soread HIV Aids. That is what I think – just like the awful “camps” during nazi Germany.

  4. We cannot be part of South Africa, just a dream and it's none of your business about the location of Lesotho. Europeans stole our huge land in the past centuries and now they talk rubbish about Lesotho, blah blah blah why is it not part of RSA. We cannot be told by you white people what we must do. Go to hell and keep your Europe and leave us Africans alone. Our birthrate is not your dirty business,mind your own. Don't talk all this rubbish to criticise us. We don't need any incorporation from South Africa.

  5. The difference in America is the colored people and black Americans are one and the same for the most part. I see here he says colored and black Africans. Why not just say mixed and or indigenous populations. I don’t expect it to be the same as they are different countries and people but based on the system of white supremacy I was making comparisons and contrasting viewpoints.


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