LEAVING WAS MY ONLY OPTION – 2022 Latest Nollywood Movies

LEAVING WAS MY ONLY OPTION – 2022 Latest Nollywood Movies

LEAVING WAS MY ONLY OPTION – 2022 Latest Nollywood Movies

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  1. Good movie with a good ending, Kudos to everyone ❤

  2. I love the elder women in this movie. Just beautiful Queens😍😍

  3. Someone can tek u weh n u run gone back fi go to palace ur fool

  4. The mother based on the advice she gave her granddaughter to accept the king’s proposal instead of prince Sabastin. It tells she was only looking for the position as the queen mother. No wonder she allowed her daughter to marry the king after her raped her and left her with a pregnancy. Some parents are selfishly and greedy. Great movie I liked the ending.❤️👏👍

  5. This gonna be interesting father and son 😂 after same woman

  6. Beautiful movie however they of use an older person for the outside daughter because she is supposed to be older than them but yet she's younger. Glad the case was dropped against the son.

  7. Some of these royal prince and queen want to talk to person's anyhow beacause there are queen and king want to treat you like dogs but that is not fair we are people just like them is only things that there Ina higher place than other personsa but people must be treated like umans been not like dog because there are king and queen if was me went in themaden place I diden care if she is queen I would o f pickups glass of water and trow it back in her face and finish the old job and what happened happened I would of caei diden come out of the gutter but if so we have one hart today for you tomorrow for me that all

  8. The ending was a bit of an ANTICLIMAX……..why was it so rushed!!
    Very annoying 🙄

  9. These Princess Does Treat Their Helpers Too Bad!!!

  10. This is two movie in one. Crazy🙄

  11. The only thing she really can do is don’t marry neither not even the Prince friend he likes her to. all three of them

  12. Girl You Can’t Treat People Like. Change Your Attitude Sister 🫘 Kindness Is The Honey 🍯

  13. The king is right he never expressed his feelings to him about any woman the king didn't know

  14. This pot of soup was simply beautiful; filled of flavor from the beginning to the end. I enjoyed every spoon filled of suspense, sadness, happiness, all elements of covetousness. Rape is never good, making a wrong right is divine. The soundtrack was awesome. kudos to the cast, Excellent!

  15. Come on ladies never hide your past from your child although she's the product of rape she's meed to know the truth

  16. Two different stories, in one movie, complete confusion, trying to get a understanding of the girl that was obsessive about The guy that did not want to be her husband, what does that have to do with the king and his daughter wife, etc. totally confusing.

  17. So true the evil that men do lives after them

  18. Imagine that she was rape and doesn't want to exposed the man

  19. Wow is that a command or a treat

  20. The way the princess is behaving something strange is wrong. Strong feeling the personal assistant is her sister or family member. Amen 07/18/22

  21. Good movie, but we need proper endings. Only if their is a part 2. We can surely enjoy the celebrations too, after all we went through the suspense.

  22. She all so Avery smart girl used her wisdom

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