Latest! Senegal's youngest President Appointed this Powerful officials

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Latest! Senegal's youngest President Appointed this Powerful officials

Let’s come together in reasonable dialogue to honour our ancestors and reclaim the world through an African lens. Join me as we delve into African history, culture, and worldview to better understand their relevance to our lives today. By sharing our thoughts and knowledge, we can pave the way for a new culture of awareness and reclaim our…



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  1. Thanks, they have to stick together. Follow the agenda and philosophy of the coalition which .has been stated in this segment.They should try and fulfill the promises made during the campaign.

  2. Hope other African States would take such example from these young leaders who put their people first,and most important rid their country of the puppets who serves only the interest of the west and not their own 🇬🇾🇬🇾🇬🇾

  3. Thanks for Senegal Prsedent. Please help the Gambia Peoples. We have no war in the Gambia. What we want is Please Please get out your shoulders in Gambia Makly Sally is gone we done need them please we have our own shoulders and Polish they can help us we don't need them they disturb our lives and our money please thanks 🙏 😮😮. 😮

  4. I have been traveling in and out of Senegal and The Gambia since 2006. I have believed for years that their Day is nearing. This certainly gives us Hope. ALHAMDULILLAHIR RABBIL ‘ALAMEEN!!

  5. As a woman it is not about appointing women in to the government but a matter of appointing the best qualified for the job and all these leads to getting the job done for the betterment of the country not sex or gender

  6. I have never seen this brilliant choices from the president of this day,Ministries of

    All gone to women Ministers

    Long live President Fay and Priminister Sonko

  7. I as an African Mother born in the Diaspora and living in Africa for more than thirty years, I am so proud of the youthful government leaders in Senegal, Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso. I would plead that you all take some ideas of good governance from Rwanda that has more than 50% of its government/parliament that are women. Please add more women to your governmental structure. The mothers are the nurturers, the care givers that don't start wars, rape or pillage communities but lead with level heads and love of family, of love for their people-and country. Once again congratulations to these four African countries. "Forward Ever", Backwards never again; "Up you mighty Race, you can accomplish what you will". No Justice, No Peace. Much Love and Respect, Mama One Africa.

  8. If the president as well as the government are honest, Senegal will change remarkably sooner than we think. We need to be strong. The late president of Tanzania has done so much in his country in a short time.
    Africa is so rich. With good coaching, we will surprise the world. More African countries will be following the steps of AES or Senegal. We just need to be treated fairly that is all so that our youth will stay home and build their continent. We have never asked for more. Only FAIRNESS.