Lady With Oxlade Request 20 Million, Davido’s Uncle Wasting His Time? EFCC Ready For Yahoo Plus

Lady With Oxlade Request 20 Million, Davido’s Uncle Wasting His Time? EFCC Ready For Yahoo Plus


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  1. I'll roll the dice. There's 50% chance of becoming a billionaire. That's a good enough gamble. This days 1million naira is like holding 50k.

  2. That police daughter spewing rubbish. So because he can be professional, does that mean he did not do what he did. There's a difference between being associated with someone and working with someone whilst receiving payments.
    People like her like to deceive people. Infact her face was already deceiving me. Is she white black or mixed 🙄

  3. There is water everywhere in Europe

  4. Nigerian women are so lazy ! That lady is talking trash. Can you imagine going to hotel with your own bed sheet ……….LOL

  5. God bless you dearly. The students are so excited.

  6. The dancing Senator is already making people happy with his dance moves. How are we not sure that's he's going to do more to make the people more happy

  7. Lol, the white guy said he is completely safe, he is not dead 😂😂.

  8. Giving those bags to those girls made me emotional, it's good to give.

  9. That baby needs urgent attentions abeg meeewwww which can things be dis the baby is in distress and they saying something else

  10. Question of the day, I will go for the 1 mill

  11. Tell that yeye oyibo man to go to north he go lagos dey talk anyhow

  12. Am not a gambler, I will choose the 1m, @least it a free gift.

  13. God will continue to bless you and your family for the good works of reaching out to the less privileged.

  14. Weldone Mecksoncrown, in the charity work. I'm happy you went to the school directly and not give it to a 3rd party. Its the only way things are done. Me and my wife also do some charity outreach twice a year. We 18 orphanages and organisations with 2 secondary schools. We been doing it for 7 years now.

  15. I would rather choose "Having access to Davido", anytime any day, than any of the options.

  16. The lady requesting 2mil from Oxlade is totally justified. Sex is something private and should remain like that.

  17. I am a Nigerian living in the UK and I'm proud of my melanin.
    Truthfully, the whites tan to preserve their skin here.
    Its a dishonour to oneself to bleach their skin and give room for side effects/diseases in future.

  18. A bird 🐦 at hand ✋ 😳 is better ooh my people lol 😆.

  19. It's true that when people judge wrongly, it makes them act wrongly also. Generally speaking dancing is a sign of excitement, love, joy, confidence and expressiono of feeling good about the people he is dealing with. Someone who is not sure of what has got to offer the people may not be doing that. The dancing senator(Ademola. Adeleke) trying to get across to the people that he has got something good to offer to them and would do it with gladness and joy. So dancing as a way of expression, does not make anyone unserious. It's possible he's got special to offer to his people.

  20. It's bcs he have nothing upstairs. Nothing in his brain but water.

  21. I swear this dis generation na the worse. Every small thing Social Media, wetin sef. Pikin wey dey cry for Milk, the mama dey there dey ZUO. God why, how we take reach here?

  22. God bless you brother 🙏 🙌

  23. I feel that baby is in serious pain and needs immediate medical attention.

  24. Amma roll the 🎲 dice man,,, life itself is all about risk so amma take that risk of rolling the 🎲 dice,,, if i win am save for 4life and if i lose am definitely gonna move on.


  26. Davido's uncle is just a man🤗

  27. Religion is a problem in Nigeria, people are beginning to wake-up.

  28. It cant be a serious relationship if she went to sleep with someone else

  29. That idiot of a guy becareful of the kinda video you make out of comedy. Italy 🇮🇹 is not Nigeria okay? There is enough water and light in italy 🇮🇹 I also live in italy and anytime, something about light and water is to be fix, it will be wisely announce before the operation. So that guy should stop saying trashes and he could easily be fish out for deformation of character that may land him back to Nigeria 🇳🇬 🤔.

  30. God has rewarded you already my brother, very soon we will do something together!

  31. That guy nor know wetin e dey talk, even outskirts of Italy 🇮🇹 remote areas u will get water 💧 🙄 maybe they're repairing something in underground which the water passes through in the town or city.

  32. Nigerians don't like happy people dey like people like buari that is how dey vot goodluck out but today who is facing the hard time now dey still don't learn their mistake

  33. God bless u,the students are really happy

  34. 🙈🙈😂😂😂😂 did they tell you to stand at attention🤣🤣🤣 anyway so lovely god bless you guys🥰🥰🥰

  35. About David's uncle, he is a happy man that's why he dances. How many politicians in Nigeria do we see exhibiting such joy apart from Dino and this man.

  36. Good job bro on the bags for the children.

  37. The sound that Baby is making is nothing close to Allah, people want to go viral or become famous, so they use anything they think can lead them to that route!! As for that Lady, she needs a Muslim man who will be using his cucumber🥒 24/7 on her so she can feel her kidney. I can do with cuddles and kisses with making love for as long as it can last. Having a cucumber inserted in my Jerusalem daily/weekly irritates me while i was Spinster even now that i'm💍. Let her take it easy on her Guy! He loves her and he shows and tells. If she is not OK with that then she can look for a 24/7 Cucumber Guy🤣🤣🤣🤣💃💃💃

  38. government works here in Europe if you refuse to pay your bills they cut you off

  39. I will roll dice after all the money is free from initial so if i don't win its same and if i win and the money increases its same, No regret.

  40. Oh wow 😂 My comments about Mummy GO 🤣

  41. No be only italy city or Europe na 'rope'. Benin we hail oh

  42. How does a man who loves dancing ,means he will not be able to perform as a Governor , you can't use that to judge . The so called serious looking people we voted for in this Nigeria what good thing can we point to we enjoy as a country .

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