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  1. David is mistake was to sign peruzzzi at 2017, he should have waited for the contract with golden boy to be over.

  2. Patrick is a prick the matter is in court but still you bring it to social media that is a breach obviously you are desperate but the fact is that even if you are granted judgement davido/peruzzi can even stalk the paymentment for a long time so carry on wishing they are begging you

  3. Oga Patrick stop crying like a baby, after everything what's your gain Zero1, try look for something that will keep you busy, ok ciao

  4. For me , I think say dey bigger pass their self but see karma dey befall them n disgrace their self on social media. See tis life , if you work hard , stay n believe ground, be good n respect ur elders, be patient wait for ur own time then anyone disrespectful n disgrace cos you chop ur fruits in peace. Some of our young musicians dey faster than bullets but dey forget wetin go up go down one day so dey beats their own drum make dey dance with ma but I pray for them get common sense and do right in all aspects of life whelter they star or not cos we are humane come from one source in life

  5. Patrick you see is multi billionaire… I know him very well…so davido davido music will soon go down

  6. We know day believe you again

  7. Same thing they did with blackface. Nobody is above the law.

  8. Patrick you are being childish. Concentrate on how you will collect money from Peruzzi. You are a cheap silly man.. you talk like a woman. There is no one that does not have past. Your past is also messy. Putting chioma into this whole issue makes you an unstable person. They are begging you and you are bragging and so what. You are just jealous of how these guys have made money. You are getting popular for being petty, after this whole saga people will know that you can not to be trusted and they will keep a lot of things away from you. There are things you don't fight with ok. Men don't open their mouth and say silly things. That shows you are desperate to collect money. You have said all you have…what more The words on the songs people sing..most times does not mean anything about them. Peruzzi is Chioma's cousin, I know that …. Stop go and collect money if they offer you. You know that Peruzzi is gifted….he will come back Strong…watch and see.

  9. Patrick you re my brother, After listening to your phone conversation with this people, lm surprise why this two guys involve with not pay you your money as agreed, To maintain peace and their dignity. That's too bad of so called Nigerian celebrities.

  10. Alot of fans wont see the kind of fire burning inside. Even for a billionaire that kind of money wont be easy to cough out. It's not a thing of pay again cause alot people dont know patrick is mogul wealthy, the worse thing us humans can do is underestimate someone who is quiet they can be mad powerful. Never underestimate your enemy.

  11. See why everyone should no their business in and out. If davido doesnt pay this guy, worse case sony will pull davido music out of spotify, itunes etc. Peruzzi songs are already out last I checked. Things could have been handled better. Everyone taking davido side doesnt understand the level of danger this thing is. It's not some petty as fight.

  12. Patrick didn't grant hip TV an interview

  13. Oga he won't reply you bcox you ain't worth it 😂

  14. 😂 😂 sharp mouth here come Collect your money

  15. King Patrick, I like straightforward and honest people like you. I feel your pain. If someone owns me money, I will be blunt about it. Documentation for everything one does in life is a prove. I love you guys. You, Davido, Perruzzi. Pls, sort the issue out. We are Nigerians and you are their brothers. The Lord will reward you. Stay blessed 😀🙏

  16. This guy needs to be paid so everything and everyone will rest. Na so Tuface and Blavkface beef but e still end for settlement

  17. We aint fallng 4 dis bro

  18. i knew this from day 1…it better david soji……..that baby might not be offence

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