Khameer || Yemeni Recipe || Taste Recipes By Ashi

In this video i will let you know how to make soft and spongy Khameer bread at home. This has a very good combination with chicken curry and mutton curry. TRY IT, YOU’LL LOVE IT!!!

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  1. Thank you for this beautiful Yemeni recipe. Khameer originates from the Hardramawt region of Yemen but is popular all across Yemen and has variations such as this one with egg (called Zalabiyyah) and without egg (Khameer / Muqasqas). This bread is delicious with cardamom tea but is also lovely with with foul/fasulya/eggs. Here's a link to the version of Khameer made without eggs – or
    Hope you don't mind me posting out a mistake with the seeds mentioned in your recipe – they aren't black sesame seeds (which are a different kind of sesame seeds) but ought to be black seeds/onion seeds/nigella sativa seeds (Habbat-al Barakah in Arabic) which completely differ from sesame seeds and has a unique sweet pungent flavour. Hope you'll make the correction, thanks again!


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