Kenya Unveils Plan For $13.8 Billion High Speed Electric Railway

Kenya Unveils Plan For $13.8 Billion High Speed Electric Railway

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  1. whose gonna loot da people's billions & tax 'em 😅😂🐵🙈 😹🐸👽

  2. They should just protect it from the US, UK, France, The Netherlands, Canada (yes Canada) etc bombing it and blaming it on fictitious "terrorists".

  3. Built by China and putting them in more debt economy colonizer

  4. With corruption it will cost twice or will never be complete

  5. It good to see Africa becoming modern, too much beautiful people live in Africa to remain forgetting.

  6. Good for Africa we Negroes applaud you

  7. China's initiatives are being fulfilled. They never said who is paying for it.

  8. This is old news. This was done over 2 years ago. We have a new govt now doing other things. You guys need to keep up

  9. One Diaspora or it won't work.

  10. Africa is too loud with her plans, she should learn to work without announcements in order to deter sabotage!!!!

  11. Who needs the corrupt west?

  12. Wongel, I have a feeling you're involved in these projects somehow …

  13. Wow! That's wonderful! Connection is key for the continent!

  14. Is this a Chinese project? How will it be paid for? Whose plan is it? Who's financing this project? Will it result in some other entities owning Kenya's precious resources and/or controlling Kenya's resources…

  15. Congratulations!! You can do it! Cut the damn cords to all these leeches and corrupt leaders in and out of your country!

  16. Kenya is a satanic nation. The Purple Transgender President. Google it.

  17. As a Ugandan i still dont understand why Ethiopia is not part of east Africa..? We have Ethiopians living in kenya n Uganda already..

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