Kenya President Explains Why Democracy is Not Enough for Africa's Future

Kenya President Explains Why Democracy is Not Enough for Africa's Future

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Kenya President Explains Why Democracy Not Enough for Africa’s Future


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  1. YOU are the Leaders and Leading Africa to death

  2. In other words Africans can't function well in Democracy it's white culture and not black culture. It's not sustainable. So what is the alternative? He as talking about contract between tribes and ethnic groups? Is it realistic? He is asking tribes to give up tribalism? Is he in utopian La La land? Is there a solution?

  3. He's speaking the truth most cases politics & businesses don't go well with each other

  4. Democracy is for matured countries and a strong middle class. But when you have big gaps between the poor and the rich. I’m afraid democracy doesn’t favor the poor. Rwanda is a good example; the reason why they are doing well is because you have a dictator that is focused on economical growth, the policies favors the less disadvantage. African cultures makes it very difficult to govern in most democratic countries, that’s why political parties are always being misunderstood. We need to come up with a system that works for African.

  5. Hi I glad to be here I make videos about Africa kindly visit my channel here

  6. He is right, he and his predecessors have made it abundantly clear why hereditary rule is right for British East Africa.

  7. Democracy is unsustainable in Kenya and Africa is because you the leaders are so corrupt and deceitful that no strategy can work. You cant even follow the laws that you make.

  8. One East Africa one Africa asante Uhuru Kenyatta kwa msimamo huo na ujumbe mzuri kwa mabeberu from tz we support u

  9. this guys just wants to be a dictator

  10. The whole "civilized" world has been colonized. "Democracy" and Capitalism have replaced religion, and to some extent warfare, as the tool for modern day colonization. Once democracy is adopted by a hopeful nation, its government is subverted, coopted, and the country is drained of its resources while going bankrupt paying back loans to the world bank, robbing and starving whole nations without killing too many of the colonizers own.

    A different way of thinking is required to think of wealth in terms of whole communities and states health and education, where everyone eats, and everyone is protected, and material wealth is a byproduct, rather than wealth being just some humanless measure of accumulated currency. Setting up fair and balanced, perhaps classless "government" systems, ie councils, committee's and action groups.. to rival the heirarchichal capitalist democratic systems and give people an idea that other systems of governance could work. But who am i kidding? Africans are about as united as ADOS.

  11. Good say Mr President Uhuru, prof Lumumba said one day that it has reaches time when Africa should define ourselves,

  12. Africa needs some diversity, lie Europe and America.

  13. We can't be dancing western dance we must dance our own,and if our dance is bad we must improve it in our own way but not dumping our style and go for the western style.thats stupid

  14. Democracy has never worked for Africa it only fits western agendas. We need our own style of governance for the whole of Africa.

  15. People in this comment section really buying into the idea democracy doesn't work for Africa or other Global South countries, as opposed to the fact it doesn't work because it is constantly undermined. People will always have the right to self-determination, don't let oligarchs who do the bidding of monied interests tell you otherwise.

  16. Tribalism is a serious problem in Africa. We all need to adapt 1 language. It wont fix all the problems, but it'll help.

  17. He definitely is right.

  18. I like this world class leader President Uhuru Keniyata….he is carizematic leader. Viva Kenya Viva ethiopia viava Africa.

  19. I don’t even agree to his presence over there. First of all I don’t know whether he has forgotten of Africa being referred to as Shithole, secondly, the technological and economic development (transport system, trade investments etc..)of Kenya, Ethiopia and most East African countries is entirely due to their association with China! Why does US president come in now? If US or any western country wants to prove any positive associations they should pick a country of non-alliance as South Sudan, Libya,Niger or Mali and turn it around as China has done. For the past 10 years we have all seen the drastic technological, social..etc changes in East Africa due to China. Ethiopia has been transformed from the “Western- USaid for Africa:we are the world” to modern technological developed countries! It isn’t an insult to stay away from any association until the intention is clear! Remember it is an election year and non-black friendly politicians( party) have much to gain from such hypocritical programs to gather domestic support!

  20. Yeah African problems cannot be solved by Western solutions.. We need to go back where we were. The system we were using in Egypt. Kingdoms not democracy. We are people of nature..

  21. Why the fuck is this being discussed with foreigners? I don't understand this? Just do what you want, stop discussing your thoughts with enemies

  22. To face the facts that Democracy in Kenya is not unsuccessful but also unsustainable, is he talking about tribalism.

  23. I am so happy to see that we are living in a time where our leaders are behaving like Our leaders again and not simply waiting for handouts and commands from so called democratic or rich countries let me call them. I grew up hearing stories from my parents about our leaders from independence days like Lumumba, Nkrumah, Nyerere, Sankara…. They had great plans fou our people. But the enemy Sabotaged our development. Now we have a new generation of Leaders and we as people have to make sure that we support the leaders that act for the people of Africa and reject the sellouts. United we stand

  24. Great president, I totally agree with you.

  25. Mother Africa is so diverse. Each country is home to hundreds of different languages and ethnic groups. We should put the people first and make sure all they're voices are heard.

  26. Africans are resilient people, we survived too many extreme challenges, to be where we are today, and we are still standing and are starting to build slowly and slowly and slowly we will get there ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿, it won't happen overnight, some of the things we are still learning but we will get there guys. 🇿🇦

  27. So what type of democracy doesn’t enough or work for africa

  28. Now I agree. Western democracy is not for Africa. Yes lets find our own.


  30. Look at what happened to Russia during the 1990s. Russia was really messed up. So called democracy doesn't work for everyone. China is another great example. Look at how corrupt the US political system is.

  31. His words are more like a non-colonialist point of reference. Man like Trump got it right from the outset

  32. False. Read Failure of Oral Tradition

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