Kenya Deploys Police To Haiti To Assist Haitian National Police

Kenya Deploys Police To Haiti To Assist Haitian National Police

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  1. As a kenyan i wonder how our police will help Haiti,, they are probably among the most corrupt in the world..

  2. The only way to help haiti is for everyone to leave haiti alone and let the haitian people sort it out.

  3. Kenya is being used by the U.S. They want the bahamas to send police to haiti to and as a bahamian i know the U.S is behind it.



  5. Kenya don't listen to nonsense or give a damn .or to be used by others. our president is a one man power never-ending who stand at really a reality peace maker 👏 not joke. Our police are strongly encouraged to provide peace ✌️ they help alot in any kind of harm or in-between issues. In Haitian of haiti surely be peace just excesses pentient and be strong enough to stand.if you want peace then cooperate with kenya police about peace to take over 🙏 togetherness you can .just say what you guys wants things to be done by peace only can ,and haiti 🇭🇹 will be free .KENYA IS NOT BEING USED BY ANY OTHER MEANS.

  6. It depends on who sent them there if they were sent by Kenyan government in the spirit of Ubuntu then it's welcomed, they should do their work deligently and with integrity. But if they were sent by any other person or group then I can't say.

  7. Kenya seems to be a close ally of the US now. This is not a real mission, but another opportunity to push down our throat another House slave as so called president.

  8. There is no security in Kenya and yet pretending to go help Haiti. This Kenya is a joke.

  9. We welcome our Kenyan brothers and sisters to come restore the rules of laws and that's that.

  10. How is Kenya being used! by the US? Any immediate emergency assistance given from any country (s) is a beautiful thing!! We are here to help each other!!! The US can’t save the whole World!!!! Why don’t other countries help each other more!!! May God bless everyone with His Love and Mercy!!!! ❤

  11. It’s a trick they are us influenced police if they are truly from the Kenyan police force anyway don’t trust them in Haiti

  12. How is Kenya being used by the US?

  13. 🙏🏿We need ✊🏿BLACK POWER✊🏿 everywhere🙏🏿

  14. Haiti 🇭🇹 💩Country

  15. It says more about US. Look at it this way. At least tha Haitians wont have a knee on their necks.😂😂😂😂

  16. Im from Haiti let me tell you the real story.They stayed in Haiti for about a week, after they left, they announced that if they come back it would be only to protect the Prime Minister, and us the people , thank you Kenya but no thanks

  17. It's a hard call , only time and actions will show clearity 😊😊😊😊

  18. thats right blk help each other .

  19. Why do you stick your noise into what's going on in other countries. Worry about the USA. The US is not the best country either so why not talk about that ?

  20. How is Kenya being used by the US? If they want to help their brothers and sisters so be it. God bless them. 🙏🏽

  21. Anything that could bring stability to an unstable place, has to a conspiracy by the Americans.

  22. Kenya has what it takes😊

  23. Those cops wont change it only God will.

  24. They are being used by western governments. Kenya has always been controlled by western powers

  25. I look forward to a world where african countries will send troops to other african countries to help… To really help

  26. The corrupted government agrees but not the Haitian of doesn’t agree.

  27. Wongel I've been very vocal on this since the information came out. Ruto doesn't know what he gets himself in. The gangs were created by the UN representative in Haiti, a former State Department employee. All the heavy weapons and ammunitions used by the gangs are labelled: made in the US. Ruto is not helping Haiti. He's helping his ego as he is sending our Kenyan brothers to the abattoir. It's not that the Haitian police cannot fight the gangs. It's because those put in power by the US in Haiti don't want them to.

  28. That's Africa Responsibility to Patrol Haiti ! Not United States ,United Nations, European Union, it's time to be more responsible for caring

  29. Let them join the AU with the rest of the Caribbean

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