KeeKee's Jag

Jagacida (Jag) is a Cape Verdean Rice and Beans dish. This is a staple in most Cape Verdean house holds in MA. It can be made many ways with beans, peas, lima beans, with or w/o linguesa but anyway its delicious.
The story I’ve heard only very recently is the original Jagacida made in Cape Verde is made with different ingredients and when Cape…



  1. Us Rhode Island Kriolu's love this too! The only thing I recommended is browning the linguica first before the onions. Also, instead of freezing the beans, add them in at the last 10 minutes of cooking time, yes you can lift the lid but do it fast! 😅

  2. I married a guy who grew up in southeastern MA in a Portuguese/Cape Verde home. He has longed for his mother’s jag ever since I met him. (She passed away before we met). Being from an Irish/Polish home, I was really bad at any attempts to make a good jag. I have to say, after following your video EXACTLY- he sat down, took a mouthful, and I saw the eyebrows go up, a smile, and a big ‘mmmmm’. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️

  3. My mom was born in 1945 in new Bedford ma. She made this for me and my 5 older siblings all the time growing up. I made it for my kids tonight. She wasn't a fan of the beans. We make it with pea. Her trick was. She added the pea juice to the rice water.

  4. My mom used to make it with peas and my grandmother, also with peas my grandmother and all relatives on my dad's side live on the cape spent alot of time there when I was a kid my dad is portuguese. My mom is french they have both passed my wife who's italian makes jag for me tho my mom showed her. Great vid thanks


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