Kano state blew my mind ! | KANO TRAVEL GUIDE | NIGERIA TRAVEL GUIDE

Kano state blew my mind ! | KANO TRAVEL GUIDE | NIGERIA TRAVEL GUIDE

I went on a trip to Kano State in Nigeria and met the Emir of Kano.

Kano is a city in North…


  1. New Subsriber!! I have family there. I was there last year

  2. That rock should be a national park/monument. People shouldn’t be allowed to build within it

  3. Nice kano show,but you didn't put Gordon dutse hill. It's more important to show it.
    Thank you

  4. Amazing!!! Kano is one of the peaceful city not only in Nigeria but whole Africa, the beauty of kano is preserve of culture as well as hospitality is one that makes kano great.

  5. I like the way they keep their traditional architecture.

  6. Peace be unto you. I love and appreciate your content, can you please make more Nigerian videos? Take care.

  7. Lovely Video ❤️❤️

  8. Nice job, you really tried we gonna be proud you explore our city well

  9. Nice vid brotha.. Would you advise a African American not to visit Kano state?? I am a Muslim and I traveled to Senegal last year but I really want to go to Kano.. I’m asking because all the Nigerians I know here in America are not from the north but tell me never to go

  10. This is Kano and how a travel video should be done. Not what some white dude coming to one slum in a Local govt out of 44 Local govts in Kano and say This is Nigeria! Most annoying are the people justifying it saying he's only here to show the human side😂 Yes, but put a balance. Well done bro, We can only develop our nation by ourselves, an average Ghanian understand this mission better than us.

  11. Very educative and moderately detailed

  12. Very informative vid! The editing is on point as well!!! 👏🏾 💯 🔥

  13. Great video on Kano state Nigeria !

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