Kai Cenat Upsets Woman After Gifting Ex-boyfriend $20k 😳 Lil Durk GF Takes Up For Carena

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20 WOMEN VS OMAH LAY GUY https://youtu.be/SNWHB21ikL0?si=UknThtxwwjRbCo7I

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  1. Imagine doing all of this online and completely embarrassing that man on stage in front of tens of thousands of people and expecting him to take you back after a fake apology🤦🏾‍♂️

  2. Why do people keep talking about who payed for the concert 😂that’s the most irrelevant part who tf cares she cheated in front of her boyfriend it makes it better that she payed for the tickets or sum 😂?im not getting the logic bro

  3. She was begging for money when Kai just wanted to talk and help them. Get the real story out there, why pay her hoe ass when she could lie might as well have the guy come out he was real about it and didn’t expect anything bro I swear it’s avg woman who be hating on a man I swear

  4. Those crazy wenches don't see the difference between only doing something if you get paid for it first, and doing something without asking for anything and receiving something in return anyway.

  5. Of course Kai didn't want to pay her trifilent ass respectfully…go grind on another guy for that bread…Kai was a true king uplifting men in the era of women are worse than men I said what I said 🤗 if he did that to a Shortie NOT ONE FEMALE would be on his side why y'all backing her up CRAZY why I'm young and successful single caz y'all ladies can't be trusted 💯 no man dumb enough to do that for the ones that do wrong 💯 women take accountability anymore and other women don't make other women take accountability anymore SMH

  6. Guys here’s something y’all gotta learn, when you interact with people or in an activity you shouldn’t expect nothing, receiving is a gift not a demand. When y’all do something do not expect anything from anyone just do it if it makes you happy.


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