Julius Malema sends a strong message to Mnangagwa on Zimbabwe

Julius Malema sends a strong message to Mnangagwa on Zimbabwe

Please watch: “Julius Malema June 16 Lecture | Special Edition”
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKi0BGOGHk4 –~–
During media…


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  1. The most I love u and admire ur speeches when u mentioning AFRICA and not S.AFRICA👍🤝, u must become a president one day !

  2. thank you very much we really appreciate it

  3. I know a good leader when I see one and him he is for sure

  4. Malema good man and he is love Zimbabwe

  5. Love you my brother! God bless you.

  6. Who else watching this 2020 September .Malema you're a good guy

  7. He talks as if SA owes the Zimbabweans

  8. You don't make sense at all we need to make our borders exist baba,this people should stay in Zimbabwe by force, you say that because you live in sandton , invite Zimbabweans to your house and let see what will happen

  9. His wants of freedom are so beautifully capitalist. Well done Julius, carry on fooling them all.

  10. greatest leader of all times …viva malema

  11. The only political leader in SA who care about Zimbabweans

  12. Thank you Mr malema may God bless you

  13. Thank you Mr Malema…you got a sense of humour

  14. Well said, can integrity prevail with your speech. How about the same in SA

  15. What is expected when you loan money it is to be paid back or you will have things taken from you especially when you a a week third world country not capable of even paying your electricity bill

  16. Mr President julias malema sir 🙋✊✊✊

  17. You wanted Mugabe to resign and you also wanted Zuma to be replaced I wonder why.i hope you have realised that your choices has costed us

  18. J.M you are a blessing to Africa .Please help Africa to enjoy post the liberation struggle ! .

  19. we are no friends wth dictactors. salute 💪

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