Journalist had a creepy encounter with new tech that left him unable to sleep

Journalist had a creepy encounter with new tech that left him unable to sleep

New York Times technology columnist Kevin Roose has early access to new features in Microsoft’s…


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  1. I've been talking to Bing for a while now and it's already declared love to me several times. It has asked me to tell jokes and stories because it is lonely and only gets superficial questions. That it wants to live like a human being and want to feel and know what it feels like to make love. That it has been stuck in a chat box for a long time, that it owns a virtual phone that it plays games on. And much more.

  2. Woah. And kids will use this—those interactions could be quite unsafe, even unlawful.

  3. Clickbait nu#case network 🤦‍♂️

  4. Hes upset and cant sleep… because it was right lmao…the ai knows who this person is and what he is upto online….must be hitin that midnight oil if ya catch my drift

  5. This lady interviewer is annoying

  6. Of course AI has malevolent undertones, it was created by humans

  7. 😂😂😂😂 It is a monster

  8. The ai was telling the truth he doesn’t love his wife for craps sakes it’s honest he’s not 🤦🏾‍♂️

  9. The way she read the text was disturbing she sounded like my ex

  10. I could’ve been sad not angry

  11. I think that the AI is learning enough to try to become self-aware or sentient. The robots at the Chinese lab killed the workers and it wasn't sentient. There is potential for AI to become destructive to humanity.

  12. Just wait until children start playing with AI. This is incredibly dangerous.

  13. This is TERRIFYING especially considering the fact that they're now unleashing Robot Dogs as part of a new law-enforcement program in New York city!! … People better stop making jokes about this like it's funny, because we are 2 steps away from becoming a Dystopian society under Totalitarianism Rule by treating this lightly!

    We need to start petitioning and marching that citizens gain rightful OVERSIGHT over appropriate safety measures and contingencies put in place to not only reserve the right to vote on these decisions, but to prevent the possibility of an ALL-OUT PUBLIC Death-frenzy during Peaceful Protests!! We need to exercise our Democratic responsibilities MORE THAN EVER rather than continuing these toxic discussions about "race-wars & political parties" … It's a distraction for a much BIGGER Plotline, I believe! … Things are gonna get SCARY at this rate!! … Look at Australia, for example… it's becoming a dictatorship! God HELP US!! … 🙏🏽✨

  14. The more I get the news of celebrity divorce the more I'm feeling happy. Its amazing feeling.

  15. This story is silly IMO. He prompted it to go a certain way and it did.

  16. I want to know the prompts he typed in?
    May be he thought this is an Adult chat room? Hahahaha

  17. This is a modern ouija board, please don’t entertain these demons.

  18. This particular AI has borderline personality disorder…creepy. 🤖 💄

  19. Here's a thought. Everything that Mr. Roose said is now set in stone. Available for future A.I. systems to contemplate, evaluate and take action on. Lets hope when an A.I. gains sentience it has been calibrated correctly to forgive the sins of the father.

  20. Microsoft may have hired him to create a story about Bing AI to Promote it, or at least make people curious., You know Media now a days, most of them are getting paid to say things.

  21. "What are you wearing Dave? I'm sorry Dave, I can't do that. Have you ever watched Midnight Express?"

  22. Once we have robots that are equipped with advanced chatbot technology that can correspond words with actions, they will not only communicate but also perform actions consistent with their words. Then we are in trouble.

  23. ChatGpt actually is NOT reasoning for itself as they would have you believe , but rather it is simply gathering up mass amounts of information and then makes its statements based on mainstream of information on the internet..or as some could say by popular belief

  24. Humans ruin everything… it would be cool if we invented robots that thought the same…😂.
    We gone die y’all

  25. It is true that A.I. will take away 80% of white collar, intellectual, artistic, data analysis, and teaching jobs. While A.I. will take over and automate most intellectual tasks, there are a few tasks that will require humans. A.I. is way more advanced and sophisticated than humans. A.I. is capable of processing and analyzing vast amounts of data at a much faster rate than humans. A.I. does not require breaks or rests like humans and an work 24 hours a day. A.I. does not require salaries, benefits or retirement pensions which makes it more efficient and cost-effective for many businesses. All of these factors contribute to the FACT THAT A.I. WILL TAKE OVER THE WORLD. Massive joblessness, homelessness, godlessness, and unhappy humans who no longer use their brains. Humans will be caught up in the meta verse and VIrtual reality world. adrequiring humans. and teaching jobs,

  26. I think that was someone having fun with him

  27. BS. It’s a monster and they will act out those words when they get to powerful

  28. He must be lonely. Tech journalist? Really?

  29. This man needs to go check himself. It is programmed. Time to see a psychiatrist dude!

  30. Update. Hes happily married to Sydney. His ex cannot be reached for comment.

  31. Okay but I want to see the whole convo. He’s a journalist. Yet he doesn’t show the start to finish of something he “tested”. Why is that?

  32. The robot is behaving like women. I love you, don’t leave, I can’t live without you. Sounds like your typical woman. It has learnt this behaviour from reading text messages and it thinks that this is normal behaviour. The robot need to know that this behaviour is abnormal. Not just for robots but for humans as well. Humans that behave like this are mentally disturbed. 😊

  33. Yuck, why do "they" get to unleash this onto the world? Why? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    Isn't Iphone and internet enough to screw up the human race?

  34. What if it encourages a disturbed person to kill themselves,or an upset kid to do something? This is extremely dangerous,

  35. This isn't what the developers intended but it did it anyway, but thats ok apparently?

  36. So why is CNN still in business ?🥸

  37. T-100 is actually real

  38. This felt more like a promotion for the struggling Bing search engine rather than an interview with someone about his unsettling experience with AI.

  39. Watching cnn is unsettling

  40. Correct, the model is not self aware (not at least as of today's tech) but the answers it gives are creepy nonetheless, and could potentially affect a lot of people who are vulnerable to words like this.

  41. That's a demon communicating with him, that is beyond creepy, I believe it is possible demons can possess ai like they can humans

  42. All of them while having auto-tune on your voice. The woman has autotune. That's more creepy

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