Jordan Neely Is Being Deleted Twice

Jordan Neely Is Being Deleted Twice

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  1. Everything would be a lot easier if people would just behave themselves. Stay out of drama and BS. It could literally save your life

  2. “He wasn’t a good guy but Penny didn’t know that.”

    Actually, Penny did know Neely was not a good guy, because Neely was threatening to kill everyone in the car. Good guys don’t do that.

  3. This video reflects very poorly upon black people.

  4. It was honestly very satisfying watching the video.

  5. Wtf is wrong with you…Are you serious???? The fact of the matter is this So called man.
    J Neely kidnapped a 7 year old girl….and over 40…not 1..2..3..5..10.. Hell not even 20????..40…He was assaulting innocent people on the Subway…But that's perfectly fine right???Look it's sad that this man lost his life No one deserves to have their life taken… It's so sad and sickens Me when people pull the Race card… WOW

  6. You ppl are pathetic. You know how dumb you morons are. If Jordan Neely was white & Daniel penny was black. Each & everyone of you would say the killing is justified. You have zero concerns with what’s right or wrong because whites are always guilty and black are always innocent no matter what crime they commit.

  7. The world is a better place without Jordan Neely terrorizing the streets

  8. A murderer is karma's target and cannot hide.

  9. Those race soldiers go after soft targets

  10. Why is it always about skin colour. Imagine it was your Mum or Grandmother that he attacked. His criminal record is real, take a look at it.

  11. I want that toxicology report! I want it right fuckin now…

  12. Jordan was going around telling people he was going to kill them

  13. All lives dont matter.

  14. Strange choice of heroes. Exactly how many prior arrests are required before one can ascend to such lofty heights.

  15. Did Daniel really need to know Jordan’s criminal record to know he was a bad person? Hell to the NO. When you see somebody, regardless of their race, threatening bystanders with bodily harm it doesn’t take a genius to figure out when somebody is a POS.

  16. it took 3 grown men to restrain him from hurting passengers, stupid americans always defending criminal scum, glad hes off this earth

  17. The coroner said his death was a homicide. Now they just charging him with 2nd degree manslaughter!!! Max 15years!! I can't believe that. He murdered that man! He minimum should have received 2nd degree homicide not no "manslaughter" that was no accident that was a MURDER!!!!

  18. Daniel Penney is a hero. Jordan Kneely is trash

  19. Just like how you delete comments on the truth about Daniel Penney being a hero

  20. Idc what no one says….the mainstream media is a tool for ws!! Period. They the ones that put out images and narratives!!

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