Joey Bada$$ On Suicide & His Spiritual Journey | The Therapist

Joey Bada$$ On Suicide & His Spiritual Journey | The Therapist

Joey Bada$$ grapples with the suicide of friend and fellow rapper, Capital Steez.

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  1. joey is so well spoken, my heart hurts terribly for him. the spiritual path is so lonely. you start to notice the people, things and situations you once found comfort in, don’t even look familiar anymore. you look at people too long and you see their true self on their face, it’s scary. i’ve been feeling very disconnected from the world and myself this past month, and navigating this path can be lonely and difficult. it’s hard being a sensitive soul and seeing the world for what it really is.

  2. I cried because I had am experience and I felt everything both spoke about

  3. I love you black man flaws and all.

  4. God bless us with sober thinking and the strength for breakthroughs for my brothers and sisters! Please God heal the broken hearted and broken spirited. 🙏🏼In Jesus name I pray, AMEN

  5. I'm terrified of everyone around me. I don't want to let anyone because I don't know who to trust, everyone's just out for themselves

  6. Trauma alters the brain 😥

  7. “That’s PE… Progressive Error, Positive Energy, Pleasant Experiences” . I love that 🦋

  8. Therapist: Tell me whats happening, speak from your heart.
    Joey: Nothing's really happening.
    Therapist: Is it empty and dark?
    Joey: I think so.

  9. Today is National Destiny Johnson Day

  10. He remind me of me my mom got divorced before I was born then used to work and go to school everyday leaving me home with my 7 year old brother when I was 3 and I grew up that way with my father out the picture abandoning me when my mom was pregnant so me and my brother raised eachother

  11. The therapist is literally wearing a baphomet on his shirt lmao. They forced joey to do this interview. They purposely sacrificed capital steez, it was steez' idea so he could have a bigger impact on the world. God I love having my third eye open 👁 One love

  12. I don’t get a good vibe from him I want to continue watching and I guess examine

  13. This is such amazing work , thank you

  14. The only reason Steez was looking past you was because you kept looking past him in every time he was shinning they set Steez up bad. Even till this day you can't get no police report or anything they even did a close funeral that Steez own family couldn't attend plus they kept everything till other outlets were reporting on it then they spoke up nothing but chomp eye's next time I see you with the flag on Idc on sight

  15. I can’t explain what pro era means to me and how much all of their lyricism has impacted my life. A lot of us always probably felt like Joey and STEEZ did at some point and felt like outsiders… this reality is so slippery with bullshit and things that make you depressed and lost. And realizing the power inside of you to let the shadows and the darkness fall behind you is the only way out. They understand that. When I hear STEEZ’s voice I get this feeling no other musician can give me, its almost like knowing there is more to this life than the physical, and someone else is there making sure you know and understand that as you move through life. Sometimes the music can get me worked up when I think about STEEZ. His story very much reminds me of the English folk artist Nick Drake, their spirituality and love for the divine were very much the same, but unfortunately so were there fates. Appreciating pro era is more than just being into a rap group, it’s truly an emotional relationship with the listener. People like them were made to protect souls from pain. Period. And it’s such a shame STEEZ couldn’t be protected. Hope Joey can continue to find peace.

  16. I fucking love you Joey.

  17. Would like to Talk to this man

  18. Joey seems possessed scripted lost soemthing he knew was coming

  19. Why does it feel like this man is talking to me as well

  20. Bro our whole generation grew up surrounded but alone. All of us. My parents could’ve been around, they had the means. But they were caught up in wanting to provide “more” for me that they actually ruined their health, psych, spirit. They didn’t even know what they were chasing and I was just in the crib needing to hear someone’s voice. To be held and engaged with. They kept me safe physically but I really feel like I wasn’t born from passion. Even if the two people split after the sex, there’s passion. I was born from dark ass place. Some misguided place. And Joey was too. I realize now that the world needs people like us, and it’s not a negative thing to be born from that place. It’s just different, and our light is cultivated and intentionally grown because it’s what we needed. Strong 💪 af

  21. He’s in a cult practicing magic watch his new video he’s on a bad path.

  22. I looked at this video so many times but I never decided I wanted to watch it until now now I feel great

  23. It’s ok to be spiritual.

  24. 18:54 better close that moufff 4 I stuff it

  25. Oh he's a Capricorn? That lead crown is heavy….prayers up.

  26. Didn't want to listen to these at first, but I can truly appreciate and be thankful for them now.

  27. Let out a poop while watchin

  28. Death is no demise to an enlighten being. Beause someone is not here dues not mean they were bad. The impact on yor life is the most important part no matter how long or short. Bulshit don't last forever real people making a big impact in a shorter amont of time.

  29. I lost my mom and be cry hurt inside and all the time for my mom can't let her going in my heart broken i am sad I hard to talk about my mom was my best friend we talk and we going place to together keep me in your prayer

  30. Continue to channel your negative energy the energy from the things you been through continue turn it into beautiful music,, the gods can hear you and you will be forever blessed never let the negative things blind you from your relationship with God and love,,over time as the gods listen to you more,, they will communicate with you and you will become more like them,,

  31. That's WATS up,, I never want nothing to happen to you,, I wish you blessings,, I study your music,, your music is my favorite your my favorite artist,, stay safe I pray you are protected and always safe,, for if something was to happen to you it wud affect me also,, to continue to be able to hear your music new releases are most important to me,,because you inspire me,, being able to make music is a gift from the gods,,, everyone has the ability to,, create sound,, art music your music touches others,, in positive ways,, the other guys you do music with are also important also,, you all have great skills,, the type skill I havent seen no we're else,, since Mr Makeveli

  32. That’s the scariest part of life that we’re never taught, learning how to connect with ourselves. Imagine having to grow up but while you’re doing it you just can’t cause you don’t know you.

  33. My brother committed suicide after having a spiritual enlightenment following years of severe depression. I resonate with everything Joey said about following into that a depression yourself, trying to understand what they were going through. It's a dark place and so difficult to turn away from because it feels like leaving someone you love behind. I feel for him here having to revisit that. I hope his traumas are cared for and not being exploited. It takes a tremendously open person to share those stories with the world, much love.

  34. hearing his story about steez really is sad but it felt nice to hear, as a person that feels like they have to fight the urge of suicide daily, the way joey explains how he saw his friend feels like how im going about my days now and the only thing thats keeping me away from all this is the music im making

  35. This one made me tear up a bit at the end. Praying for you as you continue your spiritual journey. Its not easy doing this alone so I pray you find guidance that will help you spread the love we all need in this broken world🙏 It's never too late to seek for help and guidance

  36. I thought they were accusing him of rape in the thumbnail lol

  37. <3 ""I take my heart out of my body too much."-Joey Bada$$ so grateful for your honest words and positive energy Joey B.

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