Joel Kim Booster Says MLK Would Use an iPhone | ZIWE | SHOWTIME

Joel Kim Booster Says MLK Would Use an iPhone | ZIWE | SHOWTIME

Joel Kim Booster tells Ziwe his favorite race and tech device. Ziwe asks Joel to name countries…


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  1. "Put CRT into home-schools"

  2. i think im gay now. thanks you.

  3. I care about you ziwe so i want to send a chair to you, it pains me to see your incredibely uncomfortable legs, is there a thing i can do for you? be in touch. i have a guy who does chairs like a tailor

  4. Fun fact, Bayard Rustin, Civil Rights activist and planner for the freedom riders was openly gay. They both worked together multiple times.

  5. How did I not know about this wonderful woman?

  6. The I can't be racist I'm not white thing 👀👀 like just cut to, there is no personal responsibility clip, for the whole show 🤣🤣

  7. Sorry. MLK was a working class socialist. He wouldn't support the slave labor that makes the iphone.

  8. Omg they have such good chemistry, they seem like friends

  9. All nationalities can be racist , it's insane to think otherwise .

  10. I see MLK as more of an Android guy

  11. "It was my parents' responsibility"

  12. Joel Kim Booster going back into the closet just for Ziwe

  13. He definitely gives off “raised by whites”

  14. This was delightfully cringe. lol

  15. I don’t think he likes black people. I used to follow his Instagram till I saw he had zero black people at his birthday party. Like over20 people and not one black personality even though his platform is mainly homophobia and racism……

  16. Are you a racist? No. But that was too hard to say LOL

  17. Omg I can’t with Ziwe and Joel lol. One of the best interviews. Loved every second lol.


  19. "Whats your favorite race?" HOW DID HE MISS THE SET UP AND ONLY CORRECT ANSWER FOR "Rupaul's Drag Race, Season 15 only on MTV."

  20. Is he the guy that does syro?

  21. My favorite race is blacks too. They’re hilarious
    (I’m asian)

  22. Most Americans don't even know about their next door neighbour Canada, nevermind African countries.

  23. What did they mean by "jewel" in this context?

  24. I would love to be able to be interviewed by her

  25. If Ziwe ever lands another show I would LOVE to see them cohost together🙌🏽 they have great on screen chemistry and bounce off each other well so I think they can pull of even hosting the MET Gala together, that’s be HILAIRIOUS

  26. holy shit they trolled the hell out of each other lmao

  27. I don’t find him funny or entertaining.

  28. He was strong here. He studied. I mean he studied her, clearly not a lot else

  29. The lack of music makes its way more cringe and I LOVE IT!

  30. His answer to the are you racist question has now made me look at him with extra side eye. The fact that she thought to ask it is sus, too.

  31. That went downhill FAST LMAO

  32. Him failing to name 4 African countries was amazing lmaoooo

  33. I would like them to tag team a guest at some future point in time.

  34. What's your favourite race? Ru Paul's Drag Race 🤩

  35. He's always given me white man's wh0re circuit party problematic gay vibes. And this proves it so much eekk.

  36. Ok this is very random but on every thumbnail of the Ziwe videos I always assume the guests are going to be sitting on the opposite side to where they're sitting.

  37. I want every Asian to know that they can in fact be racist.

  38. 2:34 omg not ziwe not addressing the homophobia in christian and black communities👀

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