"It Makes No Sense!" – Trevor Noah – (African American)

"It Makes No Sense!" – Trevor Noah – (African American)

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  2. Thanks for wasting my time waiting for him to address the term "African American" only to not talk about it one time.

  3. Tell when you an Fluffy met

  4. Three more layers to show how truly ignorant the KKC is!

  5. Every non-American is thinking this is beyond f*ing dead on.

  6. Battery sponsored by Chris brown 🤣🤣🤣

  7. Crisis is the father of new theories and practices.
    Confronted with crisis people, leaders and states assume a different attitude toward extant culture and defense policy. Yet, Israel's military might remains neither to fight someone's else wars, nor to be hired by a NATO-TYPE ME ALLIANCE, for it harbors no option but to act according to its own unique calls.

    ME local battles are waged unabatedly, almost daily, their intensity now is at an all-time high. Accordingly, they have created a situation of muddled suspense, which may be the precondition for arriving at a valuable modified regime structure and the manifestation of debates on fundamentals, leadership, and unification at this crisis time.

    These are all symptoms of a transition to new phases, to a constantly refreshing outlook on itself also as seen by compatriots from abroad.

    Yesterday, that look on regime and state services, was low. The State services lacked the required high momentum to carry the entire nation together as one workable society, not as Wolf-Against-Wolf, the WAW.
    Election is at the door, again, with high hopes of lingering more unification and Anti-WAW at the store.

    Such time-invariant critical issues, and related ones, are dealt with on page 420 of one of two best-seller books, say at Amazon./

  8. lb is short for the Latin "libra" which itself is short for "libra pondo," or "pound by weight."
    And the KKK isn't only anti-black people. They're also anti-Catholic, anti-Jewish, anti-Mexican, etc.; anti-non-WASP basically. Also not only black people call each other brother. See oh say the GREEKS. (Which the KKK are also anti, despite getting their name from them.)
    Frankly I expected more from Trevor than "why do we drive on parkways and park on driveways" level comedy. Do you also do a bit on how the black box on airplanes isn't black? And if the black box is so indestructible why don't they make the whole airplane out of that? What's the deal?

  9. Why heading has to label hi m as African American?

  10. 🤣 pounds(lbs) ounces (og) really confusing as for me, an indian

  11. Sponsored by Chris brown made me die

  12. I stick on what i knew it says as zebra rather zaebra. It sounds nice but i gets pick how brits said it zebra as such

  13. I think LBS stands for "libras" ("libras" means pounds in spanish)

  14. It's really a good take on American English

  15. The man who dis people's countries and they laugh about it

  16. Yes Trevor,you don't have them,so you don't get to name them. Loved this video.

  17. Everytime he makes a point that makes her loose the argument shes like ‘fine’ and moves on to aomething else she kinda acuses him of. This is a very passive aggressive way of interviewing and i am NOT here for it.
    I have mad respect for this man….

  18. Bro… try to tell them the difference between, a continent and a country.. they think USA is America, and that’s ➡️🇺🇸 the American flag????? Crazy right

  19. Broooo😂😂😂😂😂

  20. Dude, that was just to funny, I love to watch foreigners dissect America. The perspective is very funny!

  21. 😂🤣😂 one more hole😂🤣

  22. Trevor Noah is amazing, him saying that he was only in this Country for two months. and that he is still sane, definitely shows a lot about his character. I so much love and get his philosophy, like when he was saying that people in this Country use abbreviations a lot. that's the truth one only needs to go online to see that. and that he was talking about the metric system. and I appreciate the fact that he used Farenhight. to describe the temperature where he was at. it's his ability to captivate his entire audience that's something else. these are the signs of a great comedian no doubt.

  23. Makes me miss Joburg…were it's 70 and sunny…EVERYDAY…
    #American Soutie

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  25. Put some 22's on them hoes.

  26. It's Around 109 in India Now But It wil Go Even More . 🥵🥵

  27. Trevor may be clever, but he is not very funny.

  28. americans and particulary black americans need not be so accepting of those who come to our shores, reap the benefits (unlike anything in their countries), and allow them to talk smack. one day we will learn.

  29. Great sense of ideas and thoughts you possesses Trevon, go for political career. You beat there.

  30. Tell them Trevor because they are so pompous about this damn language. 😂😂😂😂😂

  31. The race baiting comedian.

  32. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 lot of bullshit

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