Israeli PM Netanyahu Calls For Eritrean Infiltrators To Be Deported

Israeli PM Netanyahu Calls For Eritrean Infiltrators To Be Deported

Vicki Dillard reports on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s call for Eritrean migrants to be deported after being accused of being infiltrators.


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  1. Israel is built on Ashkenazi Supremacy while Arabs especially Palestinian ones may be there main targets they are not the only ones yeah.

  2. Wow, so they wanted to They wanted to deport refugees, but in America we won't deport illegal aliens.hmm🤔 Something wrong with that picture? On both Fronts?

  3. This man was asking the African union to accept Israel into the union? Are they not infiltrate into Africa affairs bad leaders in Africa must stop saleing us for£$€

  4. Democrats also hate Natanyahu. Your missing that part love…. Democrats are trying to destroy Israel also

  5. We say curse that country were them people who say they are jews and are not. The cup of dreg is now in their hands. ⚖️⚖️⚖️⚖️ Bring the 10 plagues of the Abrahamic covenant down on them. There word spells be sent back 🔙 to them double 😂. APTTMHGY acknowledge Mother Wisdom 💃🏾.

  6. The PM of Eritrea is a very smart black person and these white people don't like him. They are going to try to kill him, may god protect this black man.

  7. they are doing the same things to black people that the nazis have done to them.

  8. this is why I say black people really don't have any friends in this world. If they feel this way, then don't get mad when people do the same to them again, and don't ask for our help again.

  9. I’m not surprised there racism is supported by the US and founded by white supremacies Jews, Eritrea and Ethiopia have been traveling to lsrael before 1948 them folks are the new colonial occupiers

  10. Why are you surprised at the behavior from the Israelis? And do Eritreans even identify with us Black Americans?

  11. Really want watch and listen but that hair and finger nail is so annoying..

  12. You keizarians are the infiltrators. Of Israel

  13. The un isnt any good there evil also!!!!!!!!!

  14. Is your necklace made of fingernails, also?

  15. You said " Black AMERICANS" …Black Americans are not trying to illegally enter Israel.

  16. Eritrea is another North Korea in Africa period! This lady doesn’t know what she is talking about please do some research or you are a sold out channel 🤦‍♂️

  17. Netanyahu is the threat to Israeli democracy. They need to look inward. He may be trying to divert the attention of his citizens.

  18. Saddest thing is any place you can find folks of color , they will be used in escapism to cover up the rotting corps in their own closets. 😂


  20. Now you know who they really are.

  21. GOD MENTION IN THE BIBLE ABOUT THOSE WHO SAY THEY ARE ISRAEL BUT THEY ARE NOT ,HE KNOWS THE TRUE ISRAEL ,So we know the true ISRAEL knows God for they are worshipers not bomb fighters.

  22. Eritreans aren’t Israelis nor descendants of Israel

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