is zugacoin legit or ponz ischeme ?

is zugacoin legit or ponz ischeme ?

Please Be careful when investing into these coins. crypto investing is very risking at the…


  1. Zugacoin is legit, check the coin market cap,

  2. Zuga coin my love. It's wonderful

  3. Zugacoin is 100+ 1% real my dear

  4. I hold 6 coins for two months and sold just before few days it pump by thinking it will not pump 😭😭

  5. Zuga coin is real,I regret not investing when I had to.Just say you can't wrap your head arround how the coin went from 54 dollars to over $1000,it is actually real but since it's coming from Africa I guess it's a scam because you can't understand how an African crypto did what the rest hasn't done,I think you should do your research well

  6. What borders me is the trading volume and coin ranking strange numbers trading volume $195,000 then l tried to buy $50 worth on pancake swaps it says need more money so am guessing the gas fee is $50,000 lol

  7. do u even know what a Ponzi scheme is? if it is linked to the Catholic Church, show m d link already.

  8. You are wrong Sir, Zugacoin is let not a ponzi scheme.
    It is traded in almost 10 exchanges around the world.

  9. It's a scam look at the team that created it Vice President is named Jethro Zuga. Some woman named Marvelous Mneena

  10. been trying to figure this out for days now

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