Is There A Cold War Between Davido & Olamide? | #GustoTrends

Is There A Cold War Between Davido & Olamide? | #GustoTrends

#Davido #Olamide #AGoodTime

Davido and Olamide have been friends in the industry for a long time now.

Of recent, there’s not been much between both artistes and it’s getting really obvious that all may not be well with both artistes as…


  1. you guys are jobless, so if people do song does that make them friends, you guys shud get a life, do if yu want to vlog, you are using negativity to start, y'all are dead guys……..see that black fat one's brown dentition, eyin weray meji at abo

  2. Cold war because he helped lyta fuck olamide

  3. Fire boy’s album is better than that if Davido’s.

  4. Please olamide and davido if anything between two of you surf it out between each other because I like as you they follow each other because two of you are my fans please 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 and please my boss man's

  5. I don't think there is nothing between them because the guy you are talking about can cause any issue between olamide and davido because no be today there they together if he be another thing because me myself I they follow olamide since eni duro I no the kind of olamide is no about anybody growing up that is just it

  6. What a load of crap. Na by force to be padi with everyone ni? WTF does cold war mean in the music industry??? There's either beef or no beef, and there's no sign of any beef here

  7. Davido is the best And God is with him, no one can stop his progress

  8. Shame on you all with all the issues happening now in Nigeria this is what you guys decided to talk about when will Nigerian youth start engaging themselves in politics it is a pity how to grow men don't know their right in Nigeria

  9. We fight and we settle 🇳🇬✌💗they should settle their selves.

  10. They have been avoiding each other since JANUARY if I’m not to exaggerate OLAMIDE is the cause from my own view.. DJ NEPTUNE drop DEMO ft DAVIDO in MARCH and OLAMIDE vibes to the song then Post it On his InstaStory Tagging Only Neptune… from my own View OLAMIDE Is a Snitch and He Fucked DAVIDO Up If not DAVIDO won’t be Ignoring Him till now

  11. Wetin concern una, e be like say una dey jobless

  12. Wetin concerns me…I just dey mind my own business

  13. Davido has been the one avoiding olamide.. olamide has been the one liking davido's pictures and commenting but you will never see davido like or comment on olamide page.. I think this has to do with Wizkid it's either olamide is a snitch or Davido doesn't want the relationship again because of his closeness to Wizkid.. the same thing happened doing the time davido and olamide where Close Wizkid also avoided olamide…

  14. With all this issues in Nigeria na davido and olamide una d discuss una sorry

  15. Shoki shitta came out dis year MAY to say davido owns Lagos street dissing WizKid and later in JUNE Olamide sang in Oil and gas that Awa la ni Lagos eyin Leni ileyin( Lekki) and it's been on and on till davido helped lyta .

  16. Before helping lyta did he comfort olamida before doing that.the question is davido is the most something something here.

  17. We you keep quiet🤐clout chaser🤦‍♂️

  18. Knew this longtime when davido sang a line talking about Atlanta and later olamide diss d same place….#KANA gang….WizKid too get badbelle for davido success

  19. But olamide like davido's pictures.

  20. Everything wizkid does is to troll Davido. That’s why wizkid is close to Olamide now. Wizkid is fueling this Cold War with his statement and actions. With time God will open peoples eye to see wizkid actions. He could not just like Davido what no one knows. OBO God is with u

  21. I think they are big They are big enough to certain dem self out

  22. no wonder, their cold war has made 1$ equal 1#. the moment I learned bout their fight, I got a job with NNPC.

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