Is Nigeria Safe? 6 Important Things To Know Before Travelling To Nigeria

Is Nigeria Safe? 6 Important Things To Know Before Travelling To Nigeria

Is Nigeria Safe? Do you have safety and security concerns regarding your planned trip to…


  1. I read of robberies in 2022 in Lagos Nigeria 🇳🇬

  2. Is it safe to work in Nigeria ??

  3. It's because Nigeria is controlled by the USA and has an American style of democracy. Be like Qaddafi era Libya and Nigeria will become peaceful and prosper.

  4. thanks a lot for your valuable comments on nigeria, now I am very much confident to move to lagos after listening to you ma'am ❤❤❤

  5. Ha ha ha if the immigration is not safe how can the rest of Nigeria safe

  6. I hear that Nigeria is good country but I hear you have to sharp upstairs and shine your eyes very very well specially when you go to busy areas eg Lagos, abuja

  7. The short answer is no. It is not safe. Not for locals or tourist for obvious reasons. No reason to put sugar on it. There's jungle justice for a reason.

    However, it can be safe for reasons she explained in the video.

    I have traveled the world, especially Africa. Lagos and Nairobi (Kenya) have stolen my heart. But also, my heart weeps because such beautiful places are scandalized by petty theft, kidnapping, sex trafficking, organ harvesting, terrorism, drink spiking, bribery, and the list goes on.

    Yes, visit Nigeria and Kenya. But let's not put make up on the uncertainty of safety that haunts the streets daily

  8. But we heard that the Fulanis has gone to places like Lagos and Portharcourt, two places I want to visit. Can you tell us how to identify these Fulani killers from people local to these two places?

  9. i like you, you are hot !!!

  10. Nigeria is not a safe country – one has to be very very careful.. just like anywhere, it depends on where you are at and who you know.

  11. My sister I come across your video
    I'm a south african married to a nigerian we live in south africa but life is way difficult this days we are planning to take our 2 kids to stay in nigeria even if is for 2 years so we can try to hustle but I'm worried about taking my kids there
    The reason being I watch things like kids being kidnapped staff like that
    My sister I'm not sleeping well because of fear for my kids I'm so worried for them
    But now which part of the country is safe please guys help me my husband he doesn't even know I'm feeling this way I dont want to hurt his feelings coz south africa is not safe either
    I guess all mothers will feel the way I'm feeling

  12. Nice to hear u and i am planing to visit nigeria. Tell me which time is better to visit nigeria 🙂.

  13. Is jungle justice still a thing in nigeria?

  14. my wife and I are planning to reallocate to Nigeria, I am excited to be there but everyone is warning me that will not be safe to do, but t o be honest your video encourages me, and I want to ask you where are the safest place to live in Lagos and is it safe to drive there alone or do I need to hire a driver?

  15. LOL, Nigeria is very safe, There is no wahala here, just make sure to stay in the Southern part.

  16. I’m interested in coming over to your country but I had a friend who visited there and told me it was super dangerous for white guys. I just wonder how I can enjoy the country without having to look over my shoulder all the time.

  17. I'm really interested about Nigeria, how safe is it to go around the country alone as a women?

    I'm planning to go to Lagos, Ilê-Ifé and other places in the countryside. I'm interested about Yoruba culture and heritage. I'm from Brazil so I'm kind of used to urban violence, but I'm a bit concerned about travelling alone in the countryside of Nigeria.

  18. And most importantly hold your self well na so dem collect my 500 today almost collect ma phone so hold your self well

  19. Thank you for sharing! I'll email you.

  20. Sorry, I know that you love your country and want to erase the negative image it has. But when you said don't flash your cellphone. I was done. If people are that hard up that they would rob you for a cellphone, that's not a place I want to visit.

  21. I hear Abuja’s National security isn’t very good.

  22. What is your opinion about the safety situation there now ? Has your opinion changed ?

  23. Why is so difficult to get a visa for nigeria

  24. I have heard so much dangerous things regarding kiddnappings in Nigeria from my close relatives is it really true tht we need security to travel overthere?

  25. I was invited to meet in abuja from a friend who lives in imo state i want to go but im nervous lol

  26. I just wanna know if Nigeria is safe? coz' someone wants me to invite there. but other people told me that it is not safe? That is why i am a bit afraid coz' it's my first time to go there. Can you help me understand why people say that it is very dangerous in Nigeria?
    Thank you in Advance Ma'am.

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