Investigating Athene, the Youtuber Who Started a Religion

Investigating Athene, the Youtuber Who Started a Religion

While investigating claims of Athene emotionally abusing a volunteer he worked with, we ended up…


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  1. shudder I've always wondered how the cults you hear about sometimes where the leader of the cult is having sex with all the women and have 20 children etc. start. The evolution of this guy on the Internet is like tracking the formation of one of those cults. It's terrifying to me how he gradually gets his followers to let go of logic and rationality in favor of his twisted logic and fever dreams.

  2. You have so much more self control than I do

  3. People have been voluntarily submitting to others who claim special knowledge for as long as there have been people. What you're looking at is a mode of interaction that is an innate part of our suite of behaviors, and you are free not to like it. But that's kind of all you can do. There is no objective morality, and you don't have a special moral perch. Our moral condition is intersubjective, and the only objective list of rules we must follow in life are laws, since they represent the places where our subjective moral intuitions align broadly enough to codify those prejudices into something objective. People are protected by law, going back to the advent of the age, the Enlightenment, as being sovereign in their moral and aesthetic judgments. After all, it's that abstract faculty that is supposed to be made in "god's image" lol.

    I hate cruelty and stupidity. I hate it when people are weak and crave intellectual solidarity for its own sake, and recoil from intellectual autonomy because it's dangerous if what you need most is approval and affirmation from others – even strangers. That position is inherently fragile and weak, and offensively so to me, but it would be absurd for me to try to make a video about how we shouldn't have thumotic strivers who constantly need buy-in, and that ambition is just a pretty word for social insecurity, etc. I want you all to be free, and that means free to submit to someone else and their stronger personality. If there were enough consensus out here that what this guy does should be illegal, we'd have to start closing churches. And stop advertising. And PR firms. No more military psyops. No more art schools. No more humanities.

    Don't flatter yourself. You're ginning up outrage to sell your video to eyeballs. People will come in because we're apes and we converge on conflict. There are no Good Guys here. No particular virtue.

  4. Athene is insane wow, good work!

  5. "criticism is never critical thinking, it's a projection". That phrase is so disgusting. Literally dictatorship minded person.

  6. You could make a religion out of- no don't

  7. i'm only 40 minutes in but this interview is so unequal. Like, athene is obviously just talking over you and not letting you talk. its the most frustrating type of person who thinks they know all the answers and they cant be wrong ever. just shush and stop being an asshole my dude, not that hard

    edit: okay just finished watching and i think you gave athene MORE than enough chances to explain how things work and his reasonings but he just kept deflecting blame and holding up the 'children hes saved' as a shield. also that he brought the woman on the stream when you had specifically asked him not to is beyond a red flag it's a red zone. like, he passed from 'answering' your questions (berating you) to crossing a line you had clearly stated was there before (i assume) the interview took place!

    listening to that interview got me worked up and i'm impressed by how much patience you had, since i wanted to say goodbye from the beginning lol

  8. Probably the scariest thing he says here, which Chris doesn't even remark upon, is the clip of a stream where he says "we have space for 49 people… and also that many women too because they can share rooms." One of the most horrifying things I've ever heard someone say, and just so casually. Not even as a joke. He said it with the cadence of someone who thought that was a completely sane and uncontroversial thing to say.

  9. This guy is awful but he bought time from a GREAT producer to do the soundtrack for his movie.

  10. Comment section full of idiots

  11. Listening to psychopaths ramble on and on about how not wrong they are, when they're clearly wrong, is the most draining shit ever. Props to you for even attempting a serious discussion.

  12. 54:06 – "It's not that I believe it. It's just something that I think is real."

    Guy has a way with words. What a politician.

    Have never heard about that manipulative asshole but thanks for doing your piece the way you did. Good journalism.

  13. Holy shit i remember this loser from WoW days, but i guess he's just a narcissistic asshole.

  14. You can tell they're crazy right off the bat with how they talk

  15. He strawmaned you so much during the interview

  16. Why does this double baked, twice fried fuckaroon look like Cr1tiKal’s inbred incel twin? (Not you, PMG, I meant the cuntankerous shitknot you interviewed)

  17. This needs to resurface now that Athene is showing off his AI stuff.

  18. Bros doing the dream insecure head tilt pose nahh

  19. "how dare you ask me that straight forward question. I'm shocked. SHOCKED. no I will NOT answer that simple question. the fact that you repeat what I said back to me says a lot more about you than it does about me"

  20. If they threaten you not to report, you know you’re on to something

  21. "god is in the neurons"

    ah yes

  22. I might have missed something, but what is "clicking"?

  23. "I'm worried you will post it and say 'we just tried to ask him for his response but he just kept trying to justify it :( ' " when that is literally exactly what happened

  24. Three years on, has there been any kind of consequence from this report? I think every Twitter account mentioned in this video is still up, and Save the Children still have a page about Athene on their website. The person working for StC who defended Athene appears to still work there. Some outlets wrote stories featuring this piece when it came out, but I'm not seeing much news about Athene either positively or negatively.

  25. I wish Hannah Arendt were still around to interview guys like this

  26. Wow what a great interview. Athene is a 100% conman and cultist – very scary the impact a clever propagandist like this can acheive on anyone, but a good naive desperate struggling youngster wud bet like shooting fish in a barrel for him, even if u say i am exagerating- its just a numbers game, he knows he only has to fool 0.001% of his followers to keep a core cult populated and funded- WOW !!

  27. Just know that the belligerence he is showing in this interview is a result of the fear he has of it's outcome.

  28. When he’s talking about women he sounds EXACTLY like Andrew Tate and other incels

  29. It’s the eating salad with a spoon that proves they’re evil

  30. Athene is the reason you should stay in school

  31. Boy do I love when questions in an interview are deflected with rambles about society's injustices as a whole and questions they obviously don't want to listen to your answer to


  33. I would have liked to watch the full video, but the interview is just too anoying, athene being toxic and don't answering the questions he's being asked…
    Great video though !

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