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  1. Thank you so much for having me on your channel.. hope we get to do more!

  2. I love your hospitality Mme. Oh I really would love to travel to your country. But I takes more than just the funds to do .I am from the Bahamas and back in my younger years after living in France for some years learning the language I said to myself that I would like to invite a group of young people to visit Africa for sheer exposure but one thing led to another where I could not bring this to fruition. Here I am again wiser but inviting peoples children to venture of to Africa without insurance etc. so that kept me fro venturing into that period . The world has changed drastically and I am able to see more of Africa via you tubers and I am more excited about trying to travel there in the near future.

  3. Great interview learnt a lot

  4. Brought here by the African tigress. I also get to know Steven who I didn't know

  5. Very interesting interview. I was smiles through out☺️. Awesome BB👍❤️❤️

  6. Steve Ndukwu, feel at-home- Zimbabwe. You are in good hands @Blessed.

  7. Hey 👋 I come from ms Tigress channel ❤from Ethiopia

  8. Come on guys let's give Mum some likes an subscribe.

  9. I Full Joy this interview🧡

  10. Steven you don't need a white girl to get a passport to move around Africa what you need to do is build a team and send out letters to the African union to the leaders in each country you got difficult with documents them and send them to your member of parliament,you guys can do it please make that change let stop depending on mazungu people to help us be accepted in our motherland else let's go @Steven Ndukwu let's make that change Lil brother

  11. Thank you so much for the wonderful video ma'am. What AT said at 4:38 is very profound.

  12. Thank you blessed to a be a blessing for the hospitality and kindness you have extended to the youngsters. …May your pockets never run dry

  13. Great. Stephen Nduku is a real big deal. Great to see AT and Steve in Zim hosted by BB. Amazing

  14. Welcome to Zimbabwe @Steven Ndukwu 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻

  15. What an amazing interview with great young people, wish them the best in their life, Blessed you are a wonderful person honestly accommodating AT in such a beautiful room, by the way your house is very homely, soo amazing house it's just like a hotel, stay blessed family

  16. Judging from your accent i assume your a coloured or goffal you sound very similar to the coloured people in south africa.

  17. Awesome welcome Africans ❤️

  18. Welcome to Zim Steven hope you have a great time in the country, you're in good company!! can't wait to see that amazing work of yours. Welcome back home Tigress, by now you should be having dual citizenship remember we adopted you😘

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