Inside the World's Largest Aircraft Maintenance Facility

Inside the World's Largest Aircraft Maintenance Facility

Today, I’m taking you inside the world’s largest aircraft maintenance facility!

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  1. Wrong engines are overhauled at there own base ripped right down to the core saw all the time at my base

  2. This channel is a gem. You earned a subscriber

  3. Your just another Service Brat, as we call children of servicemen and women in the HMF's, how many generation in you family have served, you be hard push to equal my partner?

    My partner is a British disabled veteran, and wait for this his Service Family, goes back to at least the 1750's, before American was even a country, or you had the War of independence, where one of my partner distance relative was classed as MIA.

    However, one of David Uncles in the Royal Navy, saved drowning US Soldiers off the beaches of North France on D-Day, his Uncle was a Master "hard hat" Diver and Fleet Chief, another served only the only Royal Navy submarine to start WW2 and Finish it as well,.

    In fact between World War One and World War Two over 60 family members served, in the Royal Navy, British Army, Royal Marines and Royal Air Force, both men and women too, there has always been at least one family member per generation serving since 1750 to 2023 and still going, 9 family members killed in action over 55 wounded in action.

    David grandfather on his mother side, was declared killed in WW1wrongfully, then declared killed in WW2 wrongfully again, just after the D-Day landing in June 1944, while David Great Uncle was a boy at the Battle of Jutland but served until 1947 and after WW2, he lied about his age and barrowed his older brother (David Grandfather's) birth certificate to join the navy, while his older brother was already servicing in the British Army.

    The family has won every British Bravery Medal going too, a family member was at the Battle of Rorke's Drift (1879) fighting the Zulu's, f you heard of it, or seen the 1960's Movie with Michal Caine too, where Eleven Victoria Crosses were awarded as well, not bad when only

    The VC was introduced on 29 January 1856 by Queen Victoria to honour acts of valour during the Crimean War. Since then, the medal has been awarded 1,358 times to 1,355 individual recipients. Only three men, have been award two VC's each, all were medic's too!

    Thank you for your service Sam and your fathers, we should remember veterans, as much as those still serving, also as much as those Killed in Action too!

    Love the video's too, very informative, by the way some of the distance family members, actually served in the British Army in the early 1800's, then immigrated to American, only to service in the US Cavalry in the in the mid to late 1800's too.

    Other immigrated to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, again only to served with the Canadian, Australian and New Zealand Armed Forces, or their children did, we have family in all 4 countries, with some serving today we understand too.

    So Sam the next serviceman or women, you talked to, could be another distant relative of ours too!

    Fly straight and level, but not too long in the combat zone, plus have blue skies over the White Cliff's of Dover, Sam too!

    British Military joke, you either get it or you don't get the humour.

  4. Proud of Tinker. Several friends work there and love it. Nothing beats the sound of the E3

  5. ONE building? That's a single point of failure. I hope they have a good plan to recover if this place is ever damaged. They must, there are too many great minds in control.

  6. Hi my name is squidward

  7. If I could transport my car to another place would be awesome

  8. I was a USAF crew chief on the KC-135 Stratotankers at Altus and Fairchild AFB in the 1990s. I got to visit Tinker AFB as well. It's a very cool place to see! Thank you for this great inside look!

  9. Man I live in the dorms of tinker AFB, i am a huge fan of yours and it absolutely kill’s me I can’t do a meet and greet with you when you’re so close, never the less thank you for wonderful content especially on tinker!

  10. My brother works there.

  11. This country is ahead of the rest of the world by 1000 years

  12. Why is he wearing capris

  13. Question, how did the USAF allons you to film all thèse installation
    I know the USAF is too sensible and secretive about internal activity.
    Your father must be a high ranking General and give you a white access card

  14. Did the navy have their own facility for their aircraft or they use the same facility as the USAF?

  15. Funny thing is the 135's usually come out with more writeups than they went in with xD

  16. Used to go to that building in the late 90's when I worked at a MAJCOM and went TDY to Tinker 2 or 3 times a year.

  17. its not workers its aircraft engineers big difference .. thumbs up for the video!!

  18. I love 💕 USA in my heart. From Cambodia

  19. Hey thanks for making these videos. I’ve seen a lot of them and you’ve inspired me to want to join the Air Force and serve my country so thanks for that.

  20. During repaint:
    Letters, numbers, insignia —– painted or decal-ed?

  21. I went to attend the course of training in Sheppard AFB. 30 years ago, I was granted some chance to visit that Tinker AFB also, so much good memory.

  22. Great video on Oklahoma ALC. Been there many times as a tanker/safety expert. It’s a big organization, but it’s one of a kind. We used to farm out depot work to Birmingham, AL which could take 6-8 aircraft In depot maintenance. Facility was sadly shut down in late 80’s. The groundbreaking upkeep of aircraft 60-80 years old is amazing. Overengineered aircraft built with slide rules are still flying as the b1’s are being retired. What a contrast.

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