Inside South Africa's Biggest White Slum

A few years ago I watched a documentary about a group of roughly 300 poor white South Africans living in a place called Coronation Park in Krugersdorp which is located just outside of Johannesburg.

I have seen white South Africans living on the streets before but I have never seen a whole informal settlement of poor white South Africans. I…



  1. Enjoyed learning about SF whites and how they feel being safe with there black brothers, and its true what the man said in some ways their fore fathers faults lead them to where they are now, and if they had taken a different approach to sharing with opportunity with indigenous African they would be one of the riches country to challenge USA China India.

  2. Its crazy how poverty will humble people. @17:25 I remember watching a short documentary on this group when they stayed in Coronation Park, done by a black English young man (Reggie Yates) – its 4-6 years later and they seem humble than they were years prior to this documentary.

    But key take away is drug abuse, theft and not necessarily economy and lack of jobs – for the white race.

  3. As a black South African man living overseas. I struggle to articulate my comment on this doccie, I feel for all poor people and drug users alike. I just can’t comprehend how you get poor people like this ones and the Bret Kebble’s but you’ll never see a yt person as a cashier at Shoprite or a petrol attendant. It’s weird. We’re on a different path but we’re ONE people….🇿🇦

  4. the first guy says blacks are dangerous. the others say the blacks helped them when they first got there, and the blacks are friendly toward them, like that guy said respect them they will respect you.

  5. 17:50 wow shows how you can make assumption or have a perception , a bit late to the party and channel but WOW WOW WOW.. I just discovered this channel and man im so motivated to make a difference. start in 1 community and go from their thanks Josh for have the strength and courage to show the rest of us South Africans how to be more grateful for what we have, and to open up our hearts even more to those that need our help

  6. Its so heart breaking to see children living under such devastating conditions. Its hard to escape poverty.
    I hope as humans we should reach a stage, where all poor people should not procreate. Just make a decisions that poverty ends with me.

    If you can't afford basic needs like shelter, food, clothing, electricity, rates, car medical aid, school fees. Make a decision not to have children. Stop having children, all people, race doesn't matter. Suffering is hard and harder for children.

    In my opinion, very few children financially succeed from such brutal poverty.

  7. I traveled to South Africa this last summer, I spoke to a variety of individuals of all classes/races. The struggle from the fore-fathers is still a factor in many lives. There still divisions in many areas, it’s heartbreaking. I will say, every single person I met, had conversations with about life in South Africa was an incredible experience. I felt blessed that people were open to share their stories.

    We all have struggles, trauma is simply trauma. It appeared to be recognized across all. All appeared to have this tenacity or perseverance for better, wanting more. Family is still important, community is still strong.

    When the one man stated about being cautious in the area, though I’ve never been there, I heard the same of other locations, from both races.

    Africa and its people have a special place in my heart. I wish nothing but the best for all. It takes a long time to heal, I do believe that most are heading in the right direction.

    Great video.


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