Inside Johannesburg’s Most Luxurious Estates for the Super Rich

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Inside Johannesburg’s Most Luxurious Estates for the Super Rich

in today’s video, me and @LetsPropIn visited the most luxurious gated estate in Johannesburg, South Africa. Joburg is the richest city in South Africa with Mining as the top foreign exchange earner, with over $400 billion in GDP.

At 10k sqm, the mansions in some of these estates are the biggest I have ever seen, a true paradise for the 1%…



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  1. At last someone posting positive things about the country. A little gratitude goes a long way. We may not be where want to be but we thank God we are not where we used to be

  2. There is an estate very close to blair athol, under 20 homes i couldnt believe my eyes because it was very unique. maybe next time you'll do another rating

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  4. It would be a good joke if I decided to point it out in a ridiculous manner, but I am not about this. I respect individuals who go about their way and present good work. I just wanted to comment and point out that you made a mistake around 6:24 saying that Waterfall Country Estate is situated about 10 000Km from Sandton.

  5. Steven Ndukwa" am a big fun from Ghana now in Mali, why do you still make such statements like flying a drone here it doesn't feel like Africa, do you know what that means, you where in cape Verde and you made a similar statement like it feels like Europe which is not really okay to say that, are you trying say Africa doesn't deserve to have such landscape or architecture design, stop doing that to mama Africa because you're an African. Thanks 🙏

  6. So here's why I believe this video is so misplaced…..especially by a black African!

    Firstly, what you are depicting here, is the lifestyle of the minority elitists. By comparison, to the rest of SA and Africa, elitists constitute about 1 per cent as you very briefly pointed out. What you show here, are tiny pockets of opulence surrounded by natural beauty and neat suburban environments – as though this reflects the norm. When you compare this to the rest of SA, it is a mere blip – a pinpoint on the map of reality.

    Secondly, a fair amount of the money comes from looted state coffers and dirty dealings, where corrupt politicians, their Cadre buddies, opportunistic tenderpreneurs….and blind-eyed corporate leeches feed. In the 30 years of ANC rule, South Africa has had trillions and trillions of Rands looted from its fiscus. Departmental budgets have been plundered and State state-owned enterprises (SOEs) stripped bare through Cadre looting and under-the-rug corporate dealings. The list goes on and on.

    Thirdly, the South African tax base, the middle-class income earners, are the ones bearing the brunt of the South African tax burden while elitists, living in the lap of luxury and unashamedly flaunting their wealth, are heavily engaged in tax avoidance activities and are keeping their money in off-shore safe-havens.

    It's a shameless disgrace when people pay so much attention to the social and moral sickness of the wealthy, aspiring to become one of them and live similar lifestyles when South Africa and Africa are awash with poverty and social and moral anarchy. I would rather pay homage to elitists who, through having acknowledged the privilege of possessing such obscene wealth, have elected to use their wealth to help suppress criminal elements that are creating and feeding an environment of criminality, as opposed to simply hoarding their wealth and flaunting it.

    The owners and promoters of this channel would do better to highlight this reality and the plight of their brethren stricken by the antics of the wealthy elitists, rather than worship and idolise money, elevating self-centred and greedy elitists to a place, on a continent and in a country where their lifestyles are so very, very badly misplaced.

  7. Hahaha. 6:30
    No. 3 WATERFALL. Or water full conveniently situated 10 000km from Sandton…
    There are 2 narrators here. Prop In guy (S.A.) and some foreigner who doesn't have a very good command of rhe English language. It's like listen to the same things tiwce. One guy (foreigner) is echoing another guys (S.A.) channel and content. Worst cut and paste video clip tupe to do.
    Should I say more….😂😂😂😂