Inside A Crack House: US Drug Gangs Exposed (True Crime Documentary) | Real Stories

Inside A Crack House: US Drug Gangs Exposed (True Crime Documentary) | Real Stories

Inside A Crack House: US Drug Gangs Exposed (True Crime Documentary) | Real Stories

In the…


  1. The grandma is that big momma figure there's as many of those anymore.

  2. "he wund't no bad person like da streets made him outta be he wuz jus out here tryna feed hiz kids" That explains it all! poor young man!

  3. What a horrible place to be born into. I get the whole limited options deal etc. There has to be someplace that will hire even if it is low wage and boring. It would at least keep someone "Out of the game". I am sure there a folks that have avoided the dark path. I do not think 100% of these disadvantaged people did the wrong thing.

  4. A country built on slavery and genocide… What could possibly go wrong?

  5. 🦍🦍🦍🐒🐒🐵🦧🦧

  6. 42years?! He killed nobody.. Right? Here you got for murder max, what is 30years… This is too much.

  7. Those jail terms where way to extreme. I hope they all manage to change their lives and get a second chance to lead a better life. No one knows what it's like to grow up poor unless you have been there. If their families had been business people they would have had different life's. Just don't kill people as then you will always be judged.

  8. I feel bad for the girlfriend with the 2 children. She looks extremely depressed and lost. It looks hard in the US to be a single Mum in poverty a real struggle. I hope things work out for her and her children 🙏
    Also the Grandma is a legend and we need more people like this but unfortunately they don't seem to make many people like her no more.

  9. Your subtitles aren't synched.

  10. Sad thing is there's absolutely no winners in this story. The grandmother is a dying breed. But dam!! 42 years in UK murders get 25 and most part get out aftet 15!!

  11. No one ever thinks they're the bad guy in ducks mind he was just surviving I've been clean out of the same lifestyle for 16 years now it ultimately ended with a stint in prison never again if your young / thinking of doing or are doing the same just DONT !!!!

  12. "Bro's, to the batcave "! Hahaha 😄 I'm dying

  13. Always blaming others for their shortcomings… typical.

  14. It is deeply saddening to hear that some gangbangers in the video can not read or write . 😢😢😢 . The way some of us down here in Africa fight to go to school to become literate somebody else in America does NOT see the importance of learning despite having all educational resources and a supporting system around them ! #EAC .

  15. It''s not nice to say they should stay in jail for the rest of their lives. These young black men can change, given opportunities they can succeed in life.

  16. Dam that girl that got smacked up was pregnant. Pretty fricken sad.

  17. there are jobs for you losers but when you get hired you steal, come in late, and cause trouble. If you losers stayed in school you can get jobs, ever hear of affirmative action.

  18. It's sad for all parties involved. You never ever know what leads someone either to the path of redemption or to the path of self destruction.

  19. Oooh, it's a "Trap house" lol 🙄🙃🤣

  20. It's funny how they love their mother and grandmother but deal drugs to someone's mother, daughter and grandmother. No respect and they should never be released.

  21. Yes mame you sure are a wonderful roll model. God bless you 🙏🇨🇦❤️

  22. Don't sell Quack 🦆. Duck the FedEx

  23. Idiots no thought to scan the room for cameras hurt that girl like that

  24. To think this investigation started because home girl was supposedly too drunk smh thats why they made a sidewalk and a street. She should of stood on the sidewalk

  25. Grandmama was speaking facts!

  26. After duck smashed brads hand an had him scared for his life,brad should've took him down

  27. We all a number brother🙏🏽🙏🏿🙏🏻 Allah daddy's pay till the tyrants are put down

  28. You chose that life HOME BOY

  29. Seem like duck left his mom money but everybody else didn't or couldn't leave nothing behind

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