Innovate Africa – Tech teaching | Al Jazeera English

Innovate Africa – Tech teaching | Al Jazeera English

Solar-powered classrooms, coding for robots, and tablets developed for schools – new advances in…


  1. Hi, I am Michael, I am from England. I have been to Kenya and briefly; supported a school, over there. I would -[very much]: Like or even:

    Love to: provide/give to: ALL AfriCANs (of all ages): a P.C./lap_top and/or; Mobile phone each and "Tech._ -ed.!!"-Etc. In the long -run/term; this will help them all: to "grow Africa's tech. sector and therefore; overall economy etc."

    I also, run my own (small)_ YOUtube channel.


  2. Let's create something new to the world I'm sure africans are very smart and genius


    Well, tis good to know that they are watching & that changes are shaping up for the black race that they cannot & will not influence. this hurts them, so the thumbs down is their response

  4. keep up the progress and COMMAND the future

  5. I love this. But why are there less than 10,500 views (as of 8-21-2019)?

  6. its proof Africans can do anthing others are cable of . we need self awareness and not inferiority complex.. Africa is the oldest continent and source of knowledge so why not develop ..we shall do it ..

  7. Educate our people, one Africa! We shall unite very soon!

  8. These are wonderful programs. I haven’t even seen this America though it may be. I pray it spreads throughout Africa.

  9. This is great. learning this way can bring a lot of innovations. We really need to engage learners in great thinking. Amazing
     and encouraging indeed

  10. Wow a curriculum that's tailored made for the future of the children. And not some imported system to enslave or dwarf the potential and thinking of the kids.

  11. I really appreciate this one help yourself everyone will be love one u thanks brother hope and believe is the best way to win wake up time

  12. This is wonderful ,I l would like to take keen interest on this innovation.

  13. I love the incorporation of science with tech in teaching and learning activities. Great with the E.D.I which is an e-learning classroom and an alternative power source

  14. I'm so pleased with the way how students' interests are being considered,that marks real the concept of integrating ICT with a scaled lesson.For that case students must excel

  15. This initiative is worthy of emulation and it gives rays of hope to African learners

  16. Surely, Life is what you make.

  17. Very good, here in Sweden we just have normal laptops for the students in school. If you get so much tusch screens and interactive software Africa might surpass us in teaching creativity!

  18. very nice video..very significant for my presentation…thank you for posting this

  19. Thanks for the good comments
    we also have air con in this unit

  20. as a young african,seeing this gives me hope for the future.its a good job

  21. They are sure doing a good job with Limu! From 56-60 to beyond 70 now, and aiming for 90. It really warms my heart, as education is key to progress.

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