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  1. Amen, may God be praised. My mind has been on a constant battle with this issue. I always feel less of myself when I see that I am not looking like most ladies. I am happy now and free for God has answered me through this movie. Thank you Jesus Christ.

  2. The richness of this content is a guiding force through life's complexities. Reading a book with related material was a deeply insightful and transformative experience. "Your Body Your Temple" by Various

  3. To think that the new age has come and this movie industry has forgotten about the rebuke they brough forth through this movie being practised in the real life of their now present casts sadden my heart. May God help us to go back to the ancient landmarks 😢

  4. Most ladies will not like this movie but the truth is God loves us to dress modestly.
    If truly someone is born again the inside is also reflected by the outside. Just like the way we know a ripe banana it shows from outside what is inside

  5. God is truly merciful. Even when He came to correct her in her dream, He still PATIENTLY conversed and explained and went back & forth until she finally got the point. Ah ah! Such patience! Such love! Such mercy!💗🙏
    Plus, the friendship potrayed by the couple is beautiful.🥰 Such a wonderfully delivered message.
    God bless your talents Mummy Gloria and continue to expand this Ministry even more.🙏💖

  6. Hmmn,Ur inner self must reflect on the outside..our bodies is indeed the temple of the Holy Spirit..let him,who thinks he stands,take heed lest he falls,1 Corinthians 10:12.thumbs up, Mount zion..

  7. Glory to God for this movie . It is a call to order for me from the Holy Spirit… I’ve seen where I need to make amends and I’m counting on the Holy Spirit to help me in the area where I am struggling

  8. Thank the Lord God Almighty in heaven for his mercy endures forever, this message is for church of God today, many churches today women dress like harlor,in churches today you can't differentiate between a pastor wife and a harlot, no different between Christian women and prostitutes in time of dressing, if you walk naked into the church nobody will rebuke or say anything, they ushers will tell you welcome to church what a pity,may the Lord God Almighty in heaven have mercy on Christian women in the world in time of dressing in Jesus mighty name Amen. This movie is an eyes opener to all Christians women,wish they will watch this movie and repent. More of God grace and divine revelation from above to Mount Zion ministry. God bless your ministry in Jesus mighty name Amen.

  9. What I loved about this right here is the prayer the man did to recall his dream. I never commented but this really got me. I sometimes forget my dreams so much.

    And to the glory of God I believe I will no more forget as I ask the Holy Spirit to remind me. 🥰

  10. With all due respect this message is too poorly presented and quite immature. See how the men are casted as being innocent victims while the women are Jezebels. Are godly men who are so hungry to lead homes now held to a lower standard than women?.
    The Bamiloye daughters have been spotted wearing trousers on several occasions as well as wigs. The woman's tops in this movie are not exposing anything other than shoulders. If its makeup that is the problem then say its makeup, if its color of the wig say that, if it is big earrings say it. Don't' say dressing, don't vaguely cast wide sweeping net without making any point. This message is as good as water in a basket. This isn't what the body of Christ needs now, women are also flesh and blood and have fleshly inclinations. Lets not spiritualize nonsense

    Let me not talk about the message that covers up rapists. May it never be your portion.

  11. Without being judgemental, I'd like to ask.
    Should a person's mode of dressing ascertain their spirituality?
    I know a woman who does not wear earrings, she wears very long dresses, she wraps her hair all the time, in fact, she is a sunday school teacher.
    But my oh my, her mouth is sharper than a new blade, she keeps malice and find it extremely hard to apologize whenever she is wrong.
    When we come to Christ, and confess our sins.
    He forgives us and give us the Holy Spirit to guide us in all things, (even in our choice of clothes).
    But if we focus majorly on how a person dress, and we judge them immediately because of their looks, we will have jezebel in Ruth's clothing.

    We are the Bible the world is reading.
    Modesty in our choice of outfits is very important, but the cloth can only cover some parts of our body.
    What comes from inside out, that's the real deal.

  12. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    Mummy, More anointing in Jesus name. Evangelist Jmikee please this I surrender all song, we need the album ✍️
    👏👏👏 Very powerful 💪…… Really went perfectly with the ministration