Inflation: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Inflation: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

John Oliver discusses what causes inflation, what we’ve done about the current round of it,…


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  1. many years ago, i used to look forward to your segments and thought that you were fair and unbiased…those were the days

  2. im getting dumber watching this content

  3. Of course the liberal NYC audience applauds at "breaks down gender stereotypes," which they misheard as "breaks down genders."

  4. It is ridiculous to say that with hindsight the stimulus package could have been more targeted. I mean soooooooo many people were saying that. That was the exact reason Republicans took so long to agree to it because they said the money wasn't going to the right places. Many democrats said the same thing. I benefited from the stimulus check and at that time I really needed it, so I'm thankful. But lets not forget that these politicians took months to sign it, decided to take vacations instead of actually helping people solve the problems their horrible decision making and inferior emergency plans caused when the pandemic first started. Many of these problems could have been curbed had the rat hole that is DC actually done anything to help the regular people and not just the rich corporations, their campaign investors and the walking rotting corpses of the entrenched political party leaders. Then come to find that the same politicians were getting rich using insider information and pushing particular legislation that benefitted the stock prices for the investments they were making. Fuck this system of bullshit and start demanding more true third party candidates because these childish selfish rats need to go.

  5. Gosh, still struggling to blame this on Conservatives and Trump somehow? SMH.

  6. Whether we eventually get inflation under control or society collapses I only know one thing. The rich will not be inconvenienced whatever the outcome.

  7. Inflation hits people a lot harder than a crashing stock or housing market as it directly affects people's cost of living that people immediately feel the impact of. It's not surprising negative market sentiment is so high now.>> These are unprecedented times where 9 trillion dollars was pumped in to the economy and now we're paying the piper.

  8. There was not any funniness in this and the laughter is abrupt is it "canned laughter"

  9. I don't know about everybody else but I'm a poor man I go 3 days to a week without eating just to survive this world economy is destroying me day by day

  10. Bred from the bowels

    Sheep one and all

    Bound by the doctrine of lies

    To fucked human shit, I shout blasphemy!

    As I make my way through to

    The promised land

    Smell of shit is so foul

    Writhe in disgust

    Earth heaves and death comes to call

    All the waste, cling to your lie

    You are as sand and the wind blows

    My disgust, a fever

    To kill a thousand more

    Gene dead from birth

    God's holy fuck

    Canonized but of no use to me

    Human shit, waste begone from my earth!!

    Desolation, no life bodies littering

    Beast of earth devour!

    Cleanse this world for those who deserve

    Burning cities, all is well

    I remain in my conviction

    As the waste in sewer flows through the promised land

    -Morbid Angel

  11. Pre Covid Natl. debt was $22T
    Post Covid Natl. debt is $30.6T (up 35%)
    REAL inflation rate due to 3 stimulus checks: 35%

  12. The real cause: the frenetic machine of sanctions against Russia and China.

  13. There are many types of inflation, cost push, demand pull are two of them. High demand and little supply is demand pull. High cost in oil brings cost push inflation, which is mostly what we see today. All can be reversed.

  14. at 4:30 John Oliver utters a flat out lie. The primary cause of inflation right now is the 6 trillion dollars joe biden printed. When you make money appear like that it is straight up inflation.

  15. Huge lies from corporate media. He mentions nothing about Federal Reserve money printing which devalues everyone’s Dollar, causing companies to raise prices to keep the same margins. They recently printed 40% of all $ that ever existed. Nothing to do with supply and demand.

  16. I'm confused. He made an analogy where a bunch of fake money was created and that made prices go up to disprove adding fake money is the main reason prices go up

  17. John = Not an Economist, nor degree in anything associated with being fiscally responsible. I love how John "Complicates" what causes "Inflation" by giving miniscule secondary factors. It's easy to say how inflation occurs John… THERE'S TOO MUCH MONEY IN THE SYSTEM! So ask yourself how did that happen John? (My Gosh these comedian OpEds are dumb as hell)

    So what does John do… he goes out and spends more money needlessly, pumping more money into the system, all so he can be a complete idiot and facilitate an OpEd to push an agenda. Not to mention the resources both in materials and labor to build those dumb statues, and here he claims to be an enlightened climate expert in other videos.

    He just spent $4,500 (add shipping as well), that's the type of money that could save a middle class or lower middle class family from complete financial ruin, this guy is irresponsible as hell. Big deuce middle fingers to you John, hope you end up out on the street one of these days, that's where you and your low brow humor belong.

  18. The cycle that has been described is not actually real, there has been basically no evidence for it whatsoever in reality.

  19. No one is blaiming EVERYTHING on the government, it's a sizeable portion of blame. Also didn't mention biden using emergency Strategic Petroleum Reserves like they were never used before, meanwhile everyday talking about how much gas has gone down lol

  20. I started using my aunt's old bike from the 70s. You're welcome 😉

  21. Apple x cinnimon + happy o's = Oh shi…. zzzzzzz

  22. "There is no one cause of inflation" ? I'll explicitly disagree here. The cause of inflation is the printing of more money.

  23. " and your Dog is Blaming the Vacuum cleaner." 😭

  24. Inflation was going on well over a year before the war in Ukraine, printing trillions of dollars and handing it out all while spending obscene amounts of tax dollars for stimulus packages at the same time. Also love how John Oliver shits on FL when FL and Texas have the most people leaving liberal states and going there 🤣

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