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  1. I wish people would quit calling remote controlled devices "robots". A robot is completely autonomous in it's operation. A remote waldo is not a robot, because it does nothing on it's own.

  2. great content but shit music

  3. All amazing inventions again thank you for sharing 👏👏liked the invisible shield and the the radio controlled car

  4. You gotta know there’s gonna be a subculture of drivers who’re gonna punt those FedEx drones around town with their SUVs.

  5. Love the remote dog companion.

  6. Keep up with the uploads they are really motivation for me , love your vids ❤️

  7. Jesus Christ is the only way humbly ask him he will answer you

  8. Like to see them make a delivery in the hood.😮😁

  9. Cool impractical stuff. Get outside and feel the rain for real! Kick your kids out of the house to feel reality

  10. Thanks, another great video. As a motorcycle YouTube reviewer myself could you maybe look at future motorcycle’s, what I’ll be reviewing in years to come. Cheers.

  11. I had designed an air conditioned suit for under $20. It looked like you were wearing bell bottoms. Over each foot there was a plastic container that held 2 pounds of dry ice. As heat would cause the gas to escape, it would travel up tubes and be released out of holes along your body, including the chest, and head. It had small tubes that would slide under your hair, and rest along the scalp.

    A truck would have to come by your work place each day and fill them with dry ice that would last 8 hours. The hotter it became, or the harder you worked, the more gas would escape and keep you at 70 degrees. OSHA said it would be a typical business expense tax write off, so it was free to the workers, and the employers. I thought it was brilliant because I worked in the heat, but it never gained any recognition because of the distribution infrastructure of delivering dry ice everywhere. Oh well, let them burn.

  12. I chuckled at –
    – a plane to deliver same day delivery anywhere in the world.
    – range, 300 miles.
    So, um, any person on the planet as long as they are within 150 miles of the warehouse. LOL
    My van can deliver same day to any person on the planet — as long as they are within the distance of a half tank of gas. 🙂

  13. 10:00 "and has enough battery power for about 40 minutes"

  14. Does the VR Vest have a groinal socket?

  15. Fed-X Robot: Help! Help!! I am being stolen.

  16. It finally happened- someone invented something because using a computer mouse was too much work. Only in America!

  17. This vid should have been called ridiculously expensive solutions to imaginary needs. If you want to steal fedex packages in future just throw the whole thing into the trunk of your ca

  18. You don't have to tip a robot.

  19. Dope tech hey 🔥🔥😋😋

  20. hmm that VR vest sound nice, but demo video could use bit work.. most of footage is ppl without vest… with just vr helmet.. gives feeling better without it..

  21. How did you create chapters in your YouTube video?

  22. The only thing worth buying is the neck AC.

  23. 👍😎🍺🍩🛠️,,

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