IK Ogbonna speaks on his “Gay” allegations

IK Ogbonna speaks on his “Gay” allegations


  1. I think he's a great actor. Kind and a have good heart. Listen to him speaking he's doing a very good job. He is very personal about his life. 😊

  2. My brother don't mind those jobless fools, whom ever God has blessed my dear brethrens, no any man made can stop it okay, shine up bro, let the hit do your enemies, is prince from umuahia abia state

  3. Thanks for all of the beautiful movies, keep up the great work and God’s blessings. Greetings from 🇺🇸.

  4. I have such respect for this man and he is very humble and well versed! He’s an amazing actor and his business is HIS business! God be with you, Ik! Keep making great movies!!! Love from the U.S.!!!

  5. There’s no shame in being gay. People should stop judging what they don’t understand instead educate yourself. People should stop using bible as an excuse to be judgemental God made everyone in his own image


  7. Why are people so badmind ,and dont want to see this young king,do well,trying to tear him down ,because they want what he has ,leave him alone ,the man is a young legend, continue on ur path to success young king

  8. Very nice and very helpful and you should be able to say something about the allegations about you been gay I don't think u gay but u who you are and what you stand for and you say you are very Blessed and you Believe in your Religion and your beliefs and you are very intelligent young man and I know u do the right thing in Life and you are not Divorced yet I see but Life you move on and have a relationship with others just be true and honest with whoever you with I don't like others to lie about their Selfs and others relationship be truthful by how are come into someone else relationship 😊😉❤☺😀💙😊its very important to be able to make the right choice and decisions and good Luck with your projects and one day I hope to see you in person u still a young man and you still learning how to Make Right Decisions inLife so you takecare of yourself and your business and you have a wonderful handsome son so he looks at you and see how u handle your Life around him and teach him not to lie to others and be honest with him so that is for you to Mitchell Ogbonna am very interested in your movies and your Life and am here in Phoenix Arizona and watching you How to be Great Actor 😊😀☺😉❤💙😊😀God Bless You All Amen

  9. Don't mind those heaters 😏we love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. Ik ogbonna is so versatile

  11. Best actor no cap 🧢

  12. Nollywood cutest I love your movies especially the romantic aspect u make it look so real. Creativity at it's peak. Live your life joor no matter what u do in this life people will always run their mouth to bring u down because they want to be like u and can't so envy becomes the other of the day. Let ur conscience be your guide love and life.

  13. Well said very interesting interview May God Continue to bless you in your Career and all that you do Love watching your movies blessings to you👍👍👍👍👍👍♥️❤️♥️❤️.

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