Icelandic Women Love Passport Bros and Black Men Too Much But Don't Wife Them Up?!

Icelandic Women Love Passport Bros and Black Men Too Much But Don't Wife Them Up?!

Icelandic Women Love Passport Bros and Black Men Too Much But Don’t Wife Them Up?! These were…


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  1. After hours naughty talk on Iceland women can be found here:

  2. White women are superior to block women sorry not sorry for me I love white women!!!!!!! They are gods gift to earth!!!!! May we as brothers continue to knock up and marry the queen Elsa’s of the world

  3. Who the female in the thumbnail?

  4. If it ain’t snowin I ain’t goin ❄️❄️❄️

  5. Iceland/Sweden is for recreational use only.

  6. If u trying to escape feminism the why the fuck would you go anywhere in europe bru smdh. Leave the west feminism started with the white woman then they spread that shit to the sisters. Leave the western countries and their women ie. white women, if u brothers didn't understand. The majority of them are infected with feminism and the ones that claim not to be feminists still have feminist views.

  7. Iceland and Sweden should be on every brothers list

  8. I recall a Sunday visit to a swing club(Sundays and Wednesdays were the only days when the club allowed single men in). I met an interracial couple there. The husband was black and the wife was white. The husband was a muscular guy because he was in the United States Marine Corps. His wife looked rather plain but she seemed pleasant. The wife was Icelandic. I asked what brought them to the club. He stated that they just do these things together. I immediately noticed that he did all the talking. Their dynamic was that he was the dominant and she was the submissive. I didn’t know about the rise of feminism in Iceland. But I didn’t see that in the Marine’s wife. But my meeting them was in 2002.

    I recommend the two films by Vilgot Sjoman(the name sounds like Showman). They are the I Am Curious films. One is I Am Curious Yellow and I Am Curious Blue. I Am Curious Yellow went before the U.S. Supreme Court. Sjoman won and his film was allowed to be shown in the U.S.. I recommend these two films.

  9. those are some extremely loose women over there

  10. Just wife the ones that come from Ultra Christian families (lutherans)

  11. "Men are checking for you" PAUSE!!!! LOL!!!!

  12. Its a great place to make money though u can run the whole town if u got ya game together

  13. Ip said hold up we aint checking for men lmaooooo 🤣🤣🤣🤣brooo caught that quick

  14. This brother is 100% correct about Icelandic women. They are rabid feminists and they sleep around like it's going out of style. Degeneracy has spread like wildfire. There's a reason Iceland has the dubious distinction of being number 1 for Chlamydia in all of Europe for 10 years straight. Have fun with them if you must
    (I wouldn't), but protect yourself and never take them seriously. The only thing in Iceland worth the trip is the Aurora Borealis and the hiking. In other words, don't spend more than a couple of days there. #SYSBM

  15. for me it's funny how this video is short! no women worship here!

  16. …at the beginning, lol!

  17. 😂I’m sorry guys, I’m. It taking you as a joke, but this conversation is soo low functioning.😂😂😂😂. This is why black is at the bottom of the totem pole, the things that is focused on. Not focused on building, coming together and establishing anything, but women women women😂

  18. Lol can literally go to any country on earth and most of yall still want to end up under a snow bunny. Leave those mayo warriors alone

  19. The feminism is the least of your worries over there in Iceland. What you got watch out for is the STI's .The women are beautiful, but the infection rates there got out of hand.

  20. Oh yes, the whole world love black men LMAO. Please.

  21. Basically it's 1st world countries that have lots of misandry and it goes on unchecked…women like this just don't get it: if a man has 10 wives and busts all in their baby oven then we all know without a shadow of a doubt who the father is. You can't say the same thing about a woman with 10 dudes other than HARAM! Disgusting…that child is gonna be more fubar'd and mixed up than a Kentucky family reunion.

  22. Yo that’s ACTUALLY a cool shirt 😅 “Japanese women are checking 4 brothers”

  23. I had a lot of friends tell me Iceland got some really beautiful girls.

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  25. There's gotta be a reason not to wife up Women from Iceland 🇮🇸. But I'll be careful. I've also heard that Passport Bros should not go to Brazil 🇧🇷, I hope not some fool started any trouble over there

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