Ice Cube Claps Back At A Democratic 'Que' For Lying On Him About The Democrat Party

Ice Cube Claps Back At A Democratic 'Que' For Lying On Him About The Democrat Party

Demetra Kaye reports on Ice Cube clapping back on a Democratic ‘Que’ for lying on him about the Democrat party.
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  1. The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expecting different results!

  2. I don’t care if you’re a democrat or republican. I just want to hear honesty! I’m not a democrat or republican but I tend to vote more on the republican side. I really appreciate your comments and you speak the truth! God bless you!

  3. Blacks would be much more successful if Republicans controlled the levers of government everyone would win if Conservatives won mainly Trump.I know people don’t like Trump but everybody pockets was fatter under Trump,

  4. clapback Ice Cube " no vaseline"!!!

  5. The pundits that's against Cube are getting paid by the dem party to keep the masses ignorant of real stats. The rest are sheep.

  6. One hundid 💯💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  7. Black people just need to wake up 🤦🏾 and see that neither party are for us, period… Stop voting to die 🤦🏾 because 2/3 will be destroyed for the lack of knowledge,..

  8. They all just mad at Cube for being right on the democrats and Biden administration . They ain't never going to do nothing for blacks people and the African Americans voters. Period! Shout out to Cube for calling a spade is a spade. ♠️ wolves in sheep clothing!

  9. Well, just like ye! This people have their brains fried by using too much drugs. That is why they support right wingers! Its ok though.

  10. Just like when people say God loves everybody, I say prove it. Because I know He doesn't. As it is written! When people say democrats have done so much for us, state your proof. SMH

  11. P.O.V many black Americans have already moved from the Democratic Party,how do you think Trump won.and this time They had to go to Jim and get S.C to vote for Biden to get him in.

  12. 2024 President Trump.

  13. Demórate treat illegal aliens better than blacks than been here for generations

  14. Thanks to the Democrats my niece $100,000 hospital bill was paid in full by the Dems All Kids Program.
    America has NEVER done anything EXCLUSIVELY for black folks and never will. What Anerica some of you black folks think yall live in?
    And by the way, my niece had numerous hospital visits paid for thanks to Dems.

  15. Ice Cube said ditch the Dems Party…INDIRECTLY….Ice Cube just don't want the heat.
    Think my as….Ice Cube was supporting Trump

  16. The Ballot or the Bullet’

  17. He is right. They need to change. They haven’t done anything in 8 years

  18. Somebody please enlighten me! Neither party has ever done a damn thing regardless of who it is Democrat or Republican! And it's regardless of who you voted for the last fifty or sixty years! It's never mattered. And stop saying all black people! A group of black people feel a certain way. Then someone comes on YouTube and want to say it's all black people! I remember when that happened years ago with ice cube. Whatever he was trying to do here we are years later and not a damn thing that he was supposed to be doing got accomplished. So that was another waste of time! Get on my damn nerves! Black always complaining about black! Something's Gotta change who don't know that! It damn sure ain't going to change with either party!

  19. Sorry but fk icecube, time to stop trusting rich people in general

  20. If that's the case why no one never talks about how Al Sharpton inly show's up when a officer Kill's a Black person and it's recorded that's the only time he will care fir the Black Community when it's a Black Death frim officer's.

  21. Lady I wish you would quit trying to speak for black people. You can only speak for yourself. I don't think any of us are so ignorant we can't make our own decision. I would appreciate it if you can't with black people up don't talk the negative manner . I'm getting sick of it.

  22. Thank you for sharing the truth. Ice Cube 👍👍👍

  23. Thanks for your service Ice Cube. Ice Cube, Dr Claude Anderson, Dr Boyce Watkins, Phillip Scott, Nathaniel Jordan and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, thanks to everyone for their service to the American communities. In Appreciation for your wisdom and Sage advise!

  24. Why does some of the people in the African American or Native Black communities allow an outsider to give false statements against Ice Cube? Why do some people in the community agree with the outsider, over their own people? Ice Cube Never said become a Republican? Why does some of the people in the African American or Native Black communities just give their vote away and do not demand nor hold that their elected officials accountable; for passing laws specifically for the African American or Native Black communities.

  25. LOVE ICE CUBE…. WE MUST THINK…Wake up… the culture as a whole has 2 research and stand for better…. not the same… always being bamboozled one way or the other…. I'm out…

  26. I'm sorry that happened to you

  27. There are two parties to vote for, Democrat and Republican. What has the Republican Party done for blacks? Until there is a governmental proclamation acknowledging the cruelty of slavery and slavery being the very source of America's greatness, followed by an apology to the millions of black people who lost family, wealth, and an equal chance to have inherited wealth, we will not be equal citizens whether Democrat, Republican, or Independent.

  28. Helluva job Ice Cube. I know you be there with black folks in spirit. You have done more than 99.99% of most black folks. I could have puked the way those black queens (Vivica Fox and the gang) treated you. Arrogant and ignorance are a bad mix for those ladies. throw selfishness in there too.

  29. Great story! Loved how Cube replied.😂

  30. Demetra Kaye I think you should pull some strings, knock on some doors, and invite out brother Ice Cube on your show so we can show him love and support

  31. People will fear the truth and this is why many Hispanics and Latinos leaving the democratic party. Blacks gonna leave then what Asians too.

  32. Why on earth do Black people allow entertainers to represent our interests? It's ridiculous to have Ice Cube speaking on behalf of us!

  33. I stand with Ice Cube. Damn shame that Sambos will be Sambos. SMDH!

  34. Even if ice cube said to avoid the democratic party it would have been true. Democrats has never did anything for black people so screw them sellouts

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