I will not campaign for you if …. – Mrs Buhari warns Buhari, Nigerians react

I will not campaign for you if …. – Mrs Buhari warns Buhari, Nigerians react

Aisha Buhari, wife of Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari says she may not support a second term bid of her husband. Mrs Buhari is…


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  1. Watch the video properly. Especially the Aisha and one other lady following from behind as Buhari moves Ahead.

  2. This man escape imbesile, cheii person husband

  3. When God let a man behaving like that that means the woman is somewhere wrong .After marriage some women turn into bad tempered women ! Your husband is obliged to lock you up to be sure you are not going to deal with his marriage ! What kind of woman are you ????So men Will deal with them by taking another woman .In this case even if the woman prays God ,true men and women of God cry to God to stop the husband .God won't listen ,he will let the husband do whatever he wants !

  4. Why bringing old video of Buhari? Mumu people.

  5. Chai!! Jesus Christ!!! Is this a President of a country?

  6. buhari is already a dead man
    may be dis jubri wants to share bed wit her

  7. This is the real Buhari in person in 2016 but they said that he kaput on January 2017.

  8. u should know Mr president why in first place she has to come out to campaign for you is all policies

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