I was a Domestic worker in Saudi Arabia (Person Documentary) Trailer | Faces of Kenya

A real life story of a Kenyan woman in Saudi Arabia for Faces of Kenya on Tuko TV. Unemployement in Kenya as country gets most Kenyan youths especially vulnerable girls to seek job opportunities in the countries in the middle east. Maria Mmboga now a gospel music artist was one such kenyan who escaped a life of torment in Saudi Arabia. She…



  1. She's a lier am not saying this cause am Muslim, but snakes are posinous just cutting and cooking these creatures is not easy as supposed to any other animal. If what she is claiming is true some of her body organs should have been seriously affected. I don't know what she is trying to gain but making false claims is not good for her, she might discredit her reputation. Not all Saudis are bad people and not all Saudis are good either. I hope she has evidence to back her story, if so it might enlighten other and in the end help them. These are serious claims in the end if she's telling the truth I wish her well but if she lieng may God forgive you.

  2. Kenya ambassador in Saud Arabia is a joker He Uhuru should replace the idiot. Kenya are suffering and the Kenya embassy can't give any help . Got alot of complaint but once you contact the embassy nothing is done.

  3. You say she is lying wa u there to c for yourselves? Maybe she was forced to cook and eat whereas for them they did not touch or eat but ordered someone to be bringing them for her to cook and eat. Nevertheless for my part I would say that it seems to be fake story coz she would be dead by now because we know how snakes are poisonous


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