I Survived 50 Hours inside an Active Volcano…

I Survived 50 Hours inside an Active Volcano…

moral of the story: not everyone can be a hero…
smash subscib and let’s get 3 mill subs!…


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  1. Him:noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Colvin: Yeah baby that was all about that's what we've been waiting for

  2. no way but you copied the photo

  3. One day drone technology will be good enough to withstand collecting lava.

  4. Holy fucking shit this man is just fucking awesome

  5. Bro what about the camera man

  6. i was at school watching a things about volcanos and u must of been u :3

  7. I love and hate on how he risk his life just for Contant like I respect that, but a house in this respect that like you can literally die at any millisecond

  8. no one can feel his pain of having cancer, hard to breath, getting stung by a bee, getting poison on him and other stuff

  9. Man risked his life just for some pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis and a positive test for Covid.

  10. Someone better call 911 cause my guy is gonna die

  11. What happened to Chris? You said the poisonous gas was spreading and you escaped in time. Chris helped you. Did he get up there in time too?

  12. How do you know when acid rain storm will happen?

  13. I didn't know acid rain was a thing

  14. he might not have a hot girlfriend but he had a hot experience

  15. This is how you get cancer kids

  16. It's only 8 minutes and 4 seconds though 😂

  17. bruh I wasted my fucking time lol

  18. Tyler do you get money from red bull ? You're always drinking. Guru organic all day instead brother.

  19. Who is Chris? Did you your even tag him?!! Asking for a friend

  20. Your insane like going to the other side of africa in a straight line was okay BUT THIS IS INSANE

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