this was 120 minutes of footage down to 10 mins

my second biggest win EVER.


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  1. All the money in this video is 100% real and fully withdrawable.

  2. I love this video, my dream WIKTORGAMING ^^

  3. Чую скоро окуп придет) топи дальше) поднимешь еще больше

  4. Эх, сейчас бы такие завозы жирные тащить а не вот это вот все))))

  5. hello friends, what is the name of this game?

  6. Some poor guys say that fake 😂😂😂

  7. what's this game name???????

  8. This whole video is a bait

  9. do you have to deposit money to gain anything?

  10. Now i had 5000 doller I was far from miserable😭😭

  11. Чисто сладкая булка) бери и лутай бабки!

  12. TPUdrNJ47kbpYNmALs1Bbg1N21v5nZKGf1 gimme some tron crypto i have the 0

  13. Великолепная разыгровка! Захватывающий ролик получился!)😀

  14. Stake User name Melodi18 bahşiş

  15. Which app/casino name please

  16. Ахахах)) ну ты конечно и мамонт))) но везучий, тут базара нет)))😀

  17. This is so fake 🤣you’re a shit actor

  18. I need help understanding this game cus there's no way this game makes you thousands that easy with just a click of a button..

  19. Я тут недавно играю, но уже понял, что сайт топовый!!! Главное играйте спокойно и не забывайте про тактики!

  20. Нереально крутой занос получился))) Спасибо тебе за эти офигенные победы)🍇

  21. Can you give me money for my financial problem😢

  22. Вот это я понимаю казик! Выглядит офигенно и окуп идет) классно!!!

  23. You keep saying you’re “due” for 130x. You don’t understand statistics. Nothing is “due” ever in gambling.

  24. Bro image if you land 1000x with 10.000$ bet you would be multi billionare

  25. bro here all newcomer have diposit Hard earn money .. And some people have extra income… And legend people have black money…
    Legend people still in profit
    Extra money people cry once…
    But hard earned money people always crying and lots of trying to recover there amount and losses again and again

  26. 99% of people quit before they win big

  27. only legit guy in predicton game is awakenbeerus

  28. awakenbeerus is guy that helped me with his predictions

  29. awakenbeerus is my go 2 person if I want to earn money with predictions

  30. i only trust awakenbeerus 4 betting predictions

  31. thx me later, look 4 awakenbeerus

  32. i only trust awakenbeerus

  33. find guy called awakenbeerus, i made a lot of money with hime

  34. awakenbeerus best guy for predictions

  35. look for awakenbeerus he have secret knowledge

  36. awakenbeerus is lord of predictions

  37. why awakenbeerus is best at prediction

  38. i use awakenbeerus for predictions works every time

  39. awakenbeerus is lord of predictions

  40. this guy win every game awakenbeerus

  41. awakenbeerus is only legit guy in betting game

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