I Have the New Samsung Galaxy Z FOLD 3!

I Have the New Samsung Galaxy Z FOLD 3!

My Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Review is Here! https://youtu.be/PK6qEhhui_g

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  1. Looks great! But the real question would be how does it fares long term?

  2. QUESTION ⁉️ can you do a unboxing and review of a AYANEO NEXT PRO ??

  3. i ordered i new z ford 3 512 black and have been waiting for 3 weeks … i hope it comes soon has anyone else have to wait??? how long?

  4. What case is everyone using for this phone

  5. Fold 3 camera sucks ha . Only thing really cool about this phone is the size but wasn’t for me so I took it back . Cool phone tho no doubt but I’ll stick with my I phone. It felt Ike a brick in my pocket lol

  6. Speak for yourself we love shiny backs

  7. US Soldier: "I helped to lose [X] war." "We always lose."

  8. Yo my dude 🤙🤙🤙 it’s a real pleasure seeing you review this my dude.honestly man i forgot about your channel, I watched you more than a decade ago. Dope shit my dude.

  9. I agree make all phones with a matte finish! It looks soooooo much better!! Lol

  10. Where can I get your wallpapers?

  11. This is by far the hottest phone in the market right now! Can't wait to get my next paycheck!! Lol

  12. buying Apple is buying a beautiful past.🤩 and buying Samsung is buying a great future.😍

  13. But I would like some polished edges other then the hinge

  14. Самсунг рулит, как обычно. Спасибо за обзор 💯💫

  15. Seen quite a few vedios.. every youtuber reviewing Z3 are all extatic.. based on all the reviews and continuing to view. I'm not sold on it! It's substandard for the price. If I'm going to spend 2k, I want the best features on it. Those features are already on hand on S and note models.. all you're getting is a phone tablet. If it's going to incorporated into 1? It better have the cameras, Bluetooth S pen, charger etc. I'll wait till them get sh-t together. I already have Note 20 ultra, bigger and better tablets. Peace

  16. 1st day someone saw my Fold 3 and said I'm going out to buy one right now after seeing it. lol

  17. I hate it. It has wifi antenna issues with 6e drops constantly and slow speeds

  18. Wow I watched you like back in 2009 or something! I had no idea you were still doing tech videos.

  19. super ultra Galaxy Z Fold 4 coming~

  20. way too much money for a phone. i'd whether build a gaming pc. my $200.00 phone works great.

  21. do you know how instagram stories look?

  22. The inner screen is not Victus

  23. Makes me consider moving from the iPhone

  24. Ok so I know the Fold 3 comes with a screen protector pre-installed. Should I buy a 3rd party screen protector to use instead?

  25. I actually ended up paying nearly the $1,999 ($171 in taxes) for the 256gb.

  26. Yes sir Matt finish from here on out!!!

  27. Where did you find the wallpaper you used on the thumbnail?

  28. Everything was cool until you show up this apple watch 😐 apple is done! Use the new galaxy watch classic 4 🤦🏽🤦🏽🤦🏽

  29. I cannot wait for my pre-order to come this week, good vid!!!

  30. Starting to see that Plastic Screen failing from light dust or particulars getting trapped inside when it's closed.
    I can't do a plastic screen. I think the "special S-Pen" should've been a clue to stay away.
    I'm old school, sticking with the Note's

  31. Wearing an apple watch while reviewing an Samsung phone. You are a shill

  32. Hi good sir, just wondering, is there any chance you're giving away your Fold 2? I really like that phone, just can't afford it. Thanks.

  33. i don't understand people complaining about the price if they are already paying $1400 for fully spec'd iPhone Pro that only has only one display screen instead of 3 display screens like on the Fold 3.
    Flagship phones are often heavily subsidized with trade in credits and instant rates. But even if you did for some bizarre reason pay it all up front and weren't eligible for upgrade discounts from your carrier and owned this phone for 24 months which is probably typical, you probably got more use out in terms of hours used from your phone than anything else you own except maybe your bed mattress. people nowadays definitely spend more time in a day looking at their screens than sleeping.

  34. are you happy you have a z fold 3 while having a iphone as daily driver ?, showoff

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