I Am Samuel || This Film Reminds me of me in Nairobi Kenya – PETER

I Am Samuel || This Film Reminds me of me in Nairobi Kenya – PETER

#aMustWatch documentary – I AM SAMUEL, Samuel Asilikwa grew up in rural Kenya. There was a…


  1. Hi Please connect me with Peter on his social media profiles I will like to interact with him

  2. LGBT community is real it exists

  3. "…it will be found to be true that, there are few instances in freedom in which a member of my race have been know to betray a specific trust"

  4. The amount of weak arguments and poor logic in this video is just disturbing🤦‍♂

  5. Hatuwezi kubali ushoga kwa watoto wetu hio ni tabia kama addiction hakuna m2 huzaliwa shoga na hakuna scientific evidence inakubaliana na hiyo maneno.

  6. This film tries to influence the viewer into believing that the older generation that was once against LGBTQ+ is slowly buying into the practice and accepting same sex marriage as a normal way of life. Apart prom that its totally wrong and blasphemy to invoke Gay marriage with Christianity which is aganist homosexuality using divine rituals like the name of the father, son and holy spirit.
    film violates Article 165 of the Penal Code that outlaws homosexuality, as well as the provisions of the Films and Stage, Plays Act Capp 222 of the Laws of kenya.

  7. If you will get a chance to interview Him (Sam) ask him if he can recall this pic

  8. Nice interview👍❤❤❤❤

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