Hyena Eats Wildebeest Alive Brutal Killing Full Movie..Kenya Africa

Hyena Eats Wildebeest Alive Brutal Killing Full Movie..Kenya Africa

This is the full movie version of parts 1 & 2…. I have been fascinated with Africa and the…


  1. Better to be killed by suffocation by a pack of lions, or drown by a crocodile than to suffer an excruciatingly painful, slow death being slowly eaten alive by a single hyena.

  2. There has to be a point where the victum dont even fell it although they are alive

  3. this makes me hungry

  4. Just watch silently bro…..no need all those comments on how it's getting eaten 💀

  5. If I was that prey I would give my neck to bleed me hard to die faster

  6. When I have a bad day I watch this video and thank God that my day is better than him.

  7. How was it still alive through all of that?

  8. i wouldn't wish this upon my worst enemy

  9. Yeah we love a video of an animal being eaten alive with joyful music in the background

  10. the wildebeest so much in the pain how could I tell

  11. Wild beast requesting to gotd, plz let me die 🥺🥺

  12. Rapist and murderers should feed on hyena i guess😌😌

  13. Dude shut the hell up🤐

  14. This is TRULY SICK and damented!!!! The only thing the predators Care about is eating to survive. He had ripped and eaten MOST or that wolderbeast INSIDES out

  15. Truly 😭 sad, the hyenas BIT off the muscle that controls movement in the rear legs , making him HELPLESS

  16. I understand not interfering as animals must eat. But would it really be so bad to have a suppressed. 22 rifle and pop these guys in the head when you see them lik
    e this.

  17. I think Heynas don't even know how to eat well 😂
    They eat 10% of the buffalo.
    Remaining 90% flesh is just spreaded on the land itself!

  18. It amazes me that people still believe in a loving and merciful god after seeing this 🤦‍♂️

  19. Its happening right now ..somewhere

  20. Think of how many different animals are in the world and they all gotta eat to survive so this is more than a daily occurance…its every second of the day.

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